Pick Something

Some of the most successful interiors are developed by selecting one major element in a space and making it the star.  Everything else in the room plays a supporting role, remaining visually quiet. Like a choir with a soloist, a cast of actors in a movie with it's lead character, or a ballet troupe with a prima ballerina, not everyone or everything can shine all at once.  The more quiet the supporting parts, the more dramatic the outcome will be.


Ceiling - no showstopping, sculptural furnishings or colorful fabrics here....just that amazing ceiling.


Color - so rich you want to just wrap yourself up in it.


Pattern - the bed is almost non-existent, everything else plain.


Art - so dramatic, nothing else competes.


Vessel sink - with support from vanity top and walls.


Wall finish - the banquette is so neutral and unassuming by comparison.


Marble - details and cabinetry are all so simple.


Wallpaper - nothing else pretends to compete.

Sometimes it's best not to overwork everything in a space.  Let one thing stand alone and appreciate the plain-ness of the rest.

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