A Holiday Tabletop

I spent some time at my mother-in-law's today working with her to set our table for a holiday dinner we will have at her house. We pooled our resources to create a really different look this year, using her favorite color, turquoise, with antique brass accents.

She has a beautiful antique table and chairs which make a great base for any table setting.  It's nice and wide, so you can really do some nice centerpieces without crowding things too much.   I didn't want to use a full tablecloth so we could see that beautful table, so she pulled one of her scarves in her favorite color to use as a runner. We combined all of our brass candlesticks to fill the table and she has this fabulous, heavy, round vase she picked up in her travels that I filled with creamy white flowers.  Her partridge figurines fit the color scheme beautifully.   

She has these great brass chargers we used under my creamware plates.  Then she pulled out a beautiful service of brass flatware with the best looking soup spoons!  We will be having a fabulous soup on this evening, so how nice to have these lovely spoons. Lastly, we clipped some magnolia leaves from her tree, included a few silk magnolia blooms, and folded the creamy linen napkins. 

This tabletop really reflects the style and personality of my mother-in-law, from the scarf from her closet to the magnolia leaves from her tree.  She loves the decor and can't wait to host this family gathering!

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