Whimsical Details

Several years ago, my family took a late summer trip to northern California and stayed in a most charming house by the sea.  It was a simple, lovely place with an outstanding view and some interesting, quirky details that I fell in love with.  Going through files of photos late the other night I found these and wanted to share.

The front door above was the first charming feature. 

Why can't I ever get fuschia to grow in Houston???

Well tended front garden full of herbs and flowers.

I love the weathered wood and shingled exterior.


Comfy window seats, pot belly stove, and a vintage kitchen. 

This kitchen wouldn't have been nearly as charming if it hadn't had those appliances. They were spotless and in mint condition. Just like my grandmother's!


I loved the kitchen's mismatched knobs.

The only bathroom with a hunter green sink.  Love those old brass faucets.

The board above the trim moulding is cut to follow the grain. 

I can't find my records on the details of this property, but it was so full of charm and whimsy.  I love the homeowner's attention to detail...check out the handle on the gate above.  It just made you feel the house was loved and infused with personality.  Of course, the view wasn't so shabby either.

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