Blog Name Change????

I need some help! I've been considering a name change for my blog for just about a year or so. I know "Design in the Woods" is a bit confusing. It sounds like I design log homes or tree houses or something!

I thought it was such a good idea when I started, some three years ago.  I live and work in The Woodlands, TX.  My design studio is here.  We're about an hour north of downtown Houston and it is very wooded.  This is a thriving, growing, sophisticated area and there IS new construction and a LOT of remodeling in mid to high end homes.  I named my blog "Design in the Woods" so that local people would realize that they don't have to go to Houston for quality design work.  There's someone right here in their own neighborhood! 

However, what I didn't realize is that blogging is more of a wide ranging endeavor.  The majority of my readers don't live in The Woodlands or Houston or even Texas for that matter.  When you first hear that name, it really sounds like I'm out in the woods swinging an axe to build my dream hut, in a plaid, flannel shirt with unshaven armpits.

Maybe this?

I've had several suggestions and mostly something with my name or my business name has been strongly advised for branding and name identity.  It just doesn't sound that spiffy though. 

I was thinking...

Carla Aston blog
Aston Design Studio blog
Carla Aston Blogs About Interior Design  (too wordy and literal)


Of course, anything with interior design in the title would be appropriate, but how many blogs have "interior" and "design" in the titles that are so popular already out there?  Believe me, just about any name you can think of with "interior" in it has already been used! I've tried reserving some on blogger.

I've just gotten someone on board to help with coordinating all my online stuff.  I need a new website and want the blog to be part of it. He's got a marketing background, is young and computer savvy, and will help brand my business and build a framework for all my internet stuff.  I can't wait!!!!  All this computer navigation is difficult for me and .....I don't have TIME to create framework!  I definitely realize when I'm over my head and need the help of a guru.

Okay, you don't have to come up with a name (unless you want to), but I really want to know. 

Do you think I should change it?

Discussion Continued...