Dining Room Update...After the Party

This client had wanted an update in her dining room for a long time, but with minimal major purchases.  No new table, chairs, or chandelier (she did the chandelier a few years before). It had been decorated by the previous homeowner, very tan colored, and that definitely did not reflect her style and personality. She did not want to paint or refinish the traditional furniture, but she had been talking about fresh wall color and window treatments for a looooong time. 

So long in fact, that one night at dinner, her friends grew tired of waiting for her to tear down that dated border and took things into their own hands

Flamestitch - remember that??

Well, ahem....a little wine was involved. 

This client is a friend of mine and we had done her kitchen some six years before.  She collects all kinds of pottery and glass.  She loves color and wanted a more youthful look while keeping the traditional furniture that she had used through the years. We started with a plan

Textural rug, large scale pattern, juicy color and some of her gorgeous glass on the table.

Much more fun!

 After images by Miro Dvorscak

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