Shopping for Showhouse Accessories

I've been shopping for accessories for my Showhouse bedroom for a teenaged girl. It's so much fun! Since I have a 20 year old daughter, I just imagined what she would like and went with that. I found the book above at Anthropologie. It's a collection of stories from famous creative people, who recount their first moves to NYC....actors, journalists, artists, writers, etc. from the last 50 years. It's perfect for my teenaged client who envisions herself living there someday! I found the bronze Empire State Bldg statue at a local antique mall.

I raided my daughter's bookshelf for her old Gossip Girl books and picked up some current fashion magazines.
The jewelry tree is a decorative metal tree from Aidan Gray. It's nice for jewelry, crystals, and the odd things my client wishes to adorn it with. Sort of a whimsical artistic display.

I found this colorful assortment of bowls at Anthropologie for jewelry and such to sit under the tree.

Rectangular frame is from Marshall's, round one is from Anthropologie.

Turquoise vase is from Target. Platter is from Marshall's. All the jewelry was a real deal at Forever 21.

Love the bright punches of color in these prints from Unique Arts of Houston. I hung them in frames painted to match the wall.

Love this corded trim below, from Robert Allen for the leading edge of my sheers. Great contrast with the dark French doors.

Come and visit the Showhouse in Sienna Plantation. It starts this weekend! I'll be there all three upcoming weekends.

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