How To Decorate A Room With High Ceilings

Image #1 via: Forbes -The Mark Penthouse;  Image #2 via: 30a Wedding Co. -Wedding Venue

When you have very high ceilings, you want to call attention to them... 

You want to appreciate all that glorious space that is encapsulated within. You want to celebrate and accentuate their height, and all that added cubic space that makes your room feel grand, luxurious, and lofty.

But what do you do with all that space? Above the doors? Above the furniture? Above eye level? 

How do you draw your eye upwards so everyone can appreciate those high ceilings?

This is a big decision.

Because if you don’t involve that space with what’s happening below, at human level, the room will feel divided. All that glorious volume will be floating above, unnoticed and unloved. It will feel vacant and unused. Wasted.

And “wasted” is just a bad word.

One way to blend the upper area with the lower one, is to decorate a wall all the way up with art or decorative objects.

Take advantage of your large blank canvas and put some color, definition and contrast up there! It will create balance in the space, and draw your eye upwards, so you can finally appreciate those grand, high ceilings.

Take a look ;-)


Image #1 Designer: Thomas O'Brien, Aero Studios; Images # 2 via: LEFEVRE INTERIORS Project Brakel; Images # 3 via: ; Images # 4 via: ; Image #5 Designer: Axel Vervoordt; Images # 6 Designer: John Jacob Interiors; Image #7 via: House Beautiful Designer: Bunny Wiliams; Images # 8 via: ;Images # 9 via:  ;

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Make Your Space Soar w/Long, Simple Drapery 

Image source: House Beautiful, Jamie Drake

Usually, if you have a room with high ceilings, or a two story space, you also have high windows. 

Oftentimes, because those windows are so high up, people don’t feel the need to treat them with window coverings. They probably figure they don’t need the privacy up there, or don't want to face the expense of treating all those windows.

Believe me, nothing chops a tall room in half more dramatically than a drapery rod, with draperies hanging down, that's running across the top of a room's lower windows.

Long, simple drapery panels can bring so much height and drama to a two story room. It just causes that space to soar!

Yes, it will require more fabric, but if you go with a very inexpensive solid color linen, you can get a big bang for your buck and begin celebrating all the volume of that space!

Check out these examples...


Image #1 via: Jamie Drake;  Image #4 via: Forbes -Michelle Smith Apartment; Image #6 via: Houzz;  

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Create Balance w/a Statement Light Fixture, Wood Beams, Wood-Clad Ceiling, etc.

Lighting or architectural features are a great way to put some interest up in that tall, two story space.

A statement light fixture, some wood beams, a wood clad ceiling - any or all of these would work to create balance in a room with a high ceiling.

You see, you should fill that void with the same kind of visual interest that the lower part of the room has. The most successful rooms with high ceilings involve all of the space with contrast, pattern, texture, color. (Yes, the elements of design! :-)

See how this room is balanced with the wood on the floor reflected in the ceiling?

Image via: 30a Wedding Co.

Designer: Robin Bell, Image via: House Beautiful

I just love how this lantern reflects the shape of the ceiling.

Even this simple lantern adds interest and repeats the delicate, refined style of the furnishings below.

John McDonald Co., Image via: Houzz

Designer: Twelve Chairs, via: houzz

Another interesting light fixture in a tall, simple space adds interest.

Wood ceiling, tall drapery panels, large light fixture - all three combine to celebrate this tall space.

McAlpine Tankersley - Aspen house

That interesting chandelier fills the space with detail.

So, in conclusion:

Now that you've read parts one, two & three of How To Decorate A Room With High Ceilings, you know you should not let your space with high ceilings go blank. Instead, you can: 

  • Hang art all the way up the wall.
  • Hang long, dramatic drapery panels on the high windows.
  • Use a statement light fixture or architectural elements. 

All of the above will enhance your tall space, create balance, and involve that grand height with the more human scale below. 

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