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Okay, I’m doing one more list of pinners here. Not to beat an old horse to death.....but I think this deserves one more round. Just indulge me, you won’t regret it. (Especially when you see the one at the end!)  

Isabeau Grey

Isabeau Grey is a prolific and insightful design pinner with a distinctive style that's ever so apparent on her board, Gorgeous Grey. Beautiful, romantic, rustic, artistic, tasteful ... these are the adjectives that come to mind when I look at it.

I’ve been repinning her pins for months and, now that you know about her, you will be too!  

Design Goddess

This young interior designer’s name definitely defines her. "Design Goddess," indeed. Her Storage Board is really fun, with to-die-for closets, and storage ideas for just about every corner of a home. Follow her to see what’s stylish and cool with the young trendsetters these days.  

Kathy Sue Perdue

Kathy Sue Perdue, one of my blogging and FB friends, actively peruses all the best blogs to keep her Pinterest Boards full of beautiful images. She also shares thoughts about design on her beautiful blog, Good Life of Design.  (BTW: We're both predicting citrine/yellow to be 2014's Color of the Year! ;-)  

Patricia Main

Okay, this pinner is, quite simply, one of the most prolific pinners I’ve seen. With a very feminine style, 100,000 pins and 16,000 followers, you will find some amazing European styled interiors to peruse.  

Lovely Clusters

With over 2 million followers -- yes, that's right, I said 2 MILLION -- and 14,000 pins, this pinner / blogger from Maui has “young and lovely” done right all over her Boards. She has a light, sweet aesthetic that speaks volumes about her artistic style.  

Arlene Stone

Arlene Stone, a FB friend and interior designer, is much like me; We both devote almost all of our pins to interiors. And I just love that in a pinner! With great architecture and beautiful gardens thrown in her Pinterest-mix too, her Boards are not to be missed. Meredith

Meredith Heron

Meredith Heron is a popular design blogger and interior designer. You’ve seen this image about a million times on Pinterest, blogs, etc.? Well, it’s her work! So yeah, she knows a good pin when she sees one.  

Holly Becker

Has Holly Becker become a household name in interior design yet? Yes, she has. Her wildly popular blog, decor8, is featured everywhere these days for good reason. So, naturally, you're not going to want to miss her pinboards. With over 145,000 followers, not many people do.

Leopoldina Haynes

Leopoldina Haynes is a London antique dealer with an incredible eye for a beautiful Pins! As evidenced by her Boards, she knows her way around the field of interior design. Just peruse her Boards to see some of the world’s most top notch designers, and you'll be in-the-know in no time!

Okay, I’m not sayin’ I’m saving the best for last, because they’re all amazing, but this one is ... Well, just take a look for yourself...  

The Real Murphy

The Real Murphy has the most finely tuned sense of style I’ve ever seen -- Hands down! It's masculine, dramatic, urban, artistic, and rough and wild with some artistic flair thrown in. This Board is a MUST-VISIT. I promise, girls, it will make your heart beat a little faster, because it will have you envisioning the unique kind of man that would assemble these images. It's just so manly, yet also tender. You can truly feel the sweet touch of this artist. And with over a million followers, many others have found his boards simply irresistible too. Ooooo, I can just smell the man all over his Boards, and it all smells soooo gooood.

BTW: His website is ever so appropriately named (Made ya look, didn’t it?)

(Did I say the word “man” enough times here?)

There you have it. My 3rd top ten list of must-follow interior design pinners. 

Now go. What are you waiting for? Start pinning!