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Curvy Shapes in Interiors

Amelia Handegan - Southern Accents

I love seeing a visual statement in an interior and nothing does it quite like a curvy shape. Let's face it, rooms are mostly boxy, maybe even angular. Applying curves gives an organic feel or human touch to a space. Statement curvy shapes can give quite an amazing and dramatic visual effect. I love some of these examples.

Antonello Radi - Elle Decor

Alex Papachristidis - House Beautiful

Steven Shubel - House Beautiful

Berkley Vallone, Caroline DeCesar - House Beautiful

Bunny Williams - Elle Decor

Cathy Kincaid - House Beautiful

Amy Bergman - Traditional Home

Hattie Wolf, Abby Rizor - House Beautiful

I love the marble backsplash behind the tub in the bathroom beyond.

Jay Jeffers - House Beautiful

Curvy headboards are sculptural and provide beautiful silhouettes.

One of my bathroom remodels

I love curvy marble backsplashes. They have a historical reference and add a custom look to a vanity.

Apartment project photos are coming soon. It's my daughter's college apt.  So cute and filled with some of my Showhouse furnishings. 

Have a great weekend!  I'm working!

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Window Treatments - Part 2, Blending with the Walls

Back to discussing window treatments! Window treatments that blend with the walls have a softening effect on a room.  Whether it's panels, valances, or shades, treatments of the same color or tone as the walls don't call attention to themselves.  Particularly in a light room, I think they have a way of attracting your eye to the view and not stopping your eye at the window.

The space above was a butler's pantry I did in a Showhouse in 2008 here in The Woodlands.  This home was located in the Garden District of this area and I wanted to relate it to the gardens outside. You see how the walls and Roman shade blend together to create a soft look and the lush garden is quite apparent.  The window treatment doesn't compete with the view.

Here's another project of mine where the sheer panels blend with the walls and envelope of the room, softening the bedroom and not competing with that beautiful view.  Your eye looks right through those window treatments.

These beautiful patterned sheers with a rope trim provide a gauzy, romantic softness at the French doors in my recent Showhouse room. They're kind of like an invitation to step out on to the balcony.

There are many other designers who also use this tool very successfully.

Martin Lawrence Bullard - Elle Decor

Ellen O'Neill - House Beautiful

Emily Robison - Elle Decor

Tracery Interiors - House Beautiful

Tobi Fairley

Kate McIntyer and Brad Huntzinger - Traditional Home

Elle Decor

Jason Bell - House Beautiful

Ginger Barber - House Beautiful

Frank Delledonne - House Beautiful

In dark rooms, same color window treatments also give a romantic, soft feel.  They sort of turn the room in on itself and have a cocooning affect.

Elle Decor

Nancy Price - House Beautiful

Alessandra Branca - House Beautiful

David Mann - House Beautiful

This is a great NYC view. Imagine if the designer had used some contrasting, colorful panels at the window instead of the same smoky gray.  It would've stopped your eye and not felt nearly as romantic.

Window treatments can add such personality to a room.  Next window treatment post will be about pattern at the windows!  Have a great weekend everyone.  I'm moving my daughter back to her college apartment.  Fun!

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Window Treatments Part 1 - Color and Contrast

Kelly Hoppen - Elle Decor website

Beautiful window treatments can add so much to a space.  Drama, color, pattern, softness.  See how the window treatments below all make a significant design statement in each environment. They've all been used to add color to an otherwise white space.  

 Elle Decor

Mmmmm - malachite!

Christopher Maya - House Beautiful

Amanda Nesbit - House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Mary McDonald - House Beautiful

Drama with high contrast in Mary McDonald's work.

Robert Courterier - Elle Decor

Milly de Cabrol - House Beautiful

Jonathan Adler - House Beautiful

Lynn Morgan - House Beautiful

The woven woods in this project above add warmth and a casual vibe to the space.

Contrasting, colorful window treatments can liven up a space and add so much personality to a room.  Do you have any in your home?

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