painted ceilings

Patterns on Ceilings

Ceilings are often overlooked and neglected but they can make a big design statement when an interesting pattern is applied.  I love this intricate pattern added to the ceiling in this room by Martin Lawrence-Bullard.  It's such a nice contrast in scale to the drapery pattern and repeats that detail in the carved table and chairs. 

Erin Martin - House Beautiful

This makes me want to sing!  Bold and beautiful.

William Diamond, Anthony Baratta - House Beautiful

The playful pattern marries the color palette so well and brings the bright color up to the top part of the space.

Traditional Home

Jill Zarin's daughter's room has a lovely, feminine pattern on the ceiling.  This room would be so plain and ordinary without it.

Jamie Drake - Traditional Home

Lovely, tailored, thoughtful, complete. 

Gideon Mendelson - House Beautiful

I love how the pattern is used  here.  Lively, colorful, and vibrant.  This room would be just another white kitchen without it. 

Robin Bell - House Beautiful

Such a striking image and one of my favorites!  This outdoor space is all about that gorgeous pattern.

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