An Update For A Master Bedroom

We were pushing the budget here.

We remodeled the master bath in a big way. It is DIVINE! I'll share later when I get into my new digs.

For this update for the bedroom, we saved the furniture for later.  That can be added in without all the dust and mayhem that construction causes.  Time to get the mess made now, when there was a bigger mess just next door.


Things to fix....awkward fireplace surround with its little door for the gas key and cheap tile, crown moulding in the alcove that chops up the space, tired carpet, two different sized windows (both wider and different heights)...alternating....around an octagonal room, and we need a nice light fixture.  Lots to fix.

See the different sized windows?  Finishes complete here....ready for window treatments.


during construction

slate tile butted together with no grout and bullnosed edges for the's all about the beautiful, natural cleft  material....go ahead, touch it, you know you want to, 

my design sketch (we didn't go with the band at the top)

new wood floors,

no crown moulding in the alcove and a paint color that covers the entire area so that the space expands and appears less chopped up,

simple panels on a single metal rod (actually quite complex...custom made to fit like a glove so that when closed a wall of evenly spaced drapery makes a clean backdrop...and those draperies gliiiiiide across those rods so beautifully), 

and a pretty new light fixture to top the cake.

  The shell is complete. Fill in at your convenience. 

A lovely ambience...simple, peaceful, done.

...for now.

After photos by Miro Dvorscak

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