Something Fun

Okay, last post I was a little down.  Sorry about that. You all were so supportive and I can't tell you how I appreciate each of you!  I just felt a big digital hug coming from blogland!

Yesterday I wanted to do something to lift our spirits around here at the studio. It was Kristen's last day and we went to lunch and then spent the afternoon making storyboards.  My new intern, Jitka, just started last week and Kristen has been getting her up to snuff on everything around here.  I wanted to make sure Jitka was comfortable with the process we'll be using to create these boards. 

I've just discovered Olioboard....and it's so much fun.  While I won't be creating a replica of a room like most users do on their site, I do like doing a collection of images arranged in a way that tells the story of the feel of the space.

I had the girls each make a board that defined a style they liked.

Kristen’s inspiration when designing a space comes from accessories and decorative items. She tends to focus on the details of the space first in order to develop an overall style and mood.  Kristen’s personal style can be described as vintage-inspired glamour. She loves mixing antiques or items with aged finishes with more modern, glamorous pieces. Her favorite things are: mirrored furniture, tufted upholstery, black mixed with metallic finishes, gilding, animal prints, and anything that has an ultra feminine appeal.

Jitka's inspiration for this look was the Parisian Jacquard Aqua fabric (top left corner), the pumpkin blush accent table (bottom right hand corner), as well as the texture on the coffee table. She likes classic pieces mixed with textural elements and lots of bold color.

I'm definitely in better spirits today!  

Looking forward to the last bit of polishing on the new website this weekend.  We're debuting on Monday!

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