I have to admit....I could really do this.  

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I could get totally obsessed with something and collect it over and over.  Okay, I've done it.

Part of my creamware collection.  Oh, and in the fall, I collect pumpkins too.

Country Living

Not everything.  Not a bunch of junk.  Not really hoarding,

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but interesting, meaningful, beautiful objects that have a commonality.  A purpose.  

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I'm not really a more is more kind of person, but obsessively studying one type of item by collecting a variety, so that I can fully appreciate the genre's beauty, uniqueness, quality, is totally in my make up.

Elle Decor

Like getting caught up in not seeing the forest for the trees.

Honing in on one type of tree and studying every tiny characteristic, appreciating every detail, exploring every nuance, as compared to one more tree...then one more....then another.

Country Living


Johnny Valiant - House Beautiful

Although I often describe myself as a big picture kind of person.  I'm  happy sitting back, thinking, analyzing possible paths, outcomes, what it takes to arrive somewhere, and then making a plan.

Getting lost in the minutae, ever so appealing.  A weakness.

I can detail something to death.

I can get so absorbed in one aspect of something that it becomes an obsession......  
I prefer to call intense interest.
The little things that can matter so much.

So, I have a soft spot for collectors.

Stephen Falcke - Elle Decor

I love to see what they collect and learn all the intricacies of why they select the things they do, what they appreciate about it, how it arrived at their door.

Country Living

There's always a story.

Country Living

Behind each and every piece.

They offer a peek into the soul of a person.

How about you?  Do you collect?  What do your collections say about you?

Discussion Continued...