Solid fabrics for Sofas

I've always believed in upholstering large pieces of furniture in solid fabrics.  Sofas in particular can be quite overpowering in a room if done in a bold pattern.  Solid fabrics have more longevity.  Just change out the pillows and you can have a brand new look.
 Timothy Whealon - Architectural Digest

I just had this sofa reupholstered for a job.

It looked like this before.

We will have lots of color and pattern in pillows, window treatments, and smaller pieces of furniture, but a solid color is a great base to build a room around.

Here are some beautiful examples of solid upholstery as a base.

Laura Moss - House Beautiful

Richard Mishaan - Architectural Digest

Sarah Richardson - Canadian House and Home

Meg Braff - House Beautiful

Suzanne Kasler - Architectural Digest

Katie Ridder - Canadian House and Home


Vicente Wolf - House Beautiful


Skye Kirby - Traditional Home

Timothy Corrigan - Architectural Digest
This room above by Timothy Corrigan has a lot of pattern and movement, achieved with accent pillows and art.  The solid color upholstery serves as a perfect backdrop.

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