My Support System

Couldn't do it without them.

My support system.

Michael, my drapery installer.  This install was a tough one!

Developing relationships in business is so important.  

Miro, my photographer....great photo shoot last week!

You need people to lean on, people you can trust, people who will make you look good.

Kristen, my intern, working on some cabinetry elevations

Lucky me!  I've got them.

Me with Kristen in my studio

But not for long.  Kristen is leaving at the end of this week for her big job.  I'm so sad to see her go...she's been such a great help.  I'm very proud of her though.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll work together again soon!

Wishing you all the best, young lady!
You have the makings of a great designer and a responsible young woman.

Remember to go for your dreams.....

and don't be afraid to

dream BIG.

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