Great Decorating Ideas

I see so many great ideas out on the blogs, I've decided to share a few of my faves today.  This might even turn into a series!

Up today are two great ideas for kitchens.  Both of these ladies use my favorite glass canisters for storage out on their counters....these are in almost all of my kitchen photo shoots.  Of course, I've seen these in Ina Garten's and Martha Stewart's kitchens, but I love how simple and generic they are.  So adaptable to any style!

One of my kitchen remodels with my three glass canisters.  Simple and inexpensive!

Ina Garten's House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Martha Stewart's kitchens for Home Depot

What I haven't seen before are these beautiful tea cups used as scoops.  I've used wooden scoops and stainless ones, but never these cups.  I thought this was a great idea from Stone Gable blog.

See Yvonne's post on this great decorating idea HERE.

I also love this idea from Savvy Southern Style blog.  I'm always looking for unique and special ways to store objects on your kitchen counter.  Kim used a silver wine chiller for her wooden spoons. 

What a great way to add some style to your kitchen.  Check out Kim's post HERE.

Simple, purposeful, meaningful


used in

unique ways.

That's just good design.

Discussion Continued...