Adding Traditional Details

Traditional design is very popular in this area.  People seem to love extra mouldings and details.  I'm always amazed when I see a real estate show on tv and if there's crown moulding anywhere, it seems someone will mention it with appreciation and awe, passing over many other more noticeable good qualities.  It's definitely an attention grabber.

I've had many clients who want to add detail and mouldings to their homes in the remodel process.  Adding just a few touches, sometimes makes all the difference in the world.

Paneling and brackets were added to the face of this bar for durability and an upgrade in materials.

Bar - Before

Bar - After

Block paneling with a curved foot detail was applied to an existing standard box cabinet before painting to give it the look of piece of furniture.

Upper and lower cabinets - Before

Hutch - After

Side panels on the upper cabinets that continued down as brackets were added to the existing cabinet and the crown was redone.  Paint covers up all the additional pieces and patching.  In this project, the pantry next to these cabinets was relocated in the space.  Upper door panels were cut out for seed glass inserts and cabinet pulls added, all helping to make these standard issue box cabinets look like a piece of furniture.

Brackets were added to the bottoms of these cabinets to help break up the space and give an unfitted look to the kitchen cabinetry.


The cabinets read as one visual element in this large space.  The homeowner wanted a more traditional and interesting look in the kitchen without investing in a lot of new cabinets.

In this kitchen remodel, we added panels to the sides of the existing cabinetry.  It made for a more finished look.  See on the end of the cabinet by the sink?


We did a new island and kept the cabinets on the left side of the kitchen.  Adding the side panels helped tie the old in with the new island.

Little moulding tricks (and lots of paint to cover them up) helped customize these projects for their homeowners.  At some point it is just better to rip it all out and start over, but for all these above, we saved money and kept cabinets out of the landfills!

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