Master Bath Remodel - No Tub!

Clients are getting more adventurous these days I find.  If they are going to spend money on their remodels, they want them to fit their desires and personalities to a tee.  Not only that, they want good resale.

No tub!

I worked on this master bath remodel where the client did not use their tub and did not intend to ever do so. I totally understand this, I'm the same way and I'm finding many people have that preference too. With limited space available, we needed to expand the shower and make better use of the adjacent closet storage, yet not disturb the window that brought lots of light into the space and kept the exterior elevation intact.



Sliding doors went bye-bye.  We could use some of that wall space for storage in the adjacent closet.


There was an odd open area above the closet, for accessories or fake plants I presume.  They could use that upper space for closet storage rather than decorative items catching dust.

Before - small linen closet and shower beyond

Storage built out of sheetrock walls takes up more space than storage built out of 3/4" plywood.  We eliminated the linen closet and built it in the bathroom in some cabinetry.  The small shower that was like a deep hole when you walked into the bathroom was made larger and opened up to the 10' ceiling.

My sketch of the floor plan and how we would modify it.

Most everything was kept light and neutral to open up the space, but the coral/terra cotta color was pulled from the homeowner's existing bedding and window treatments.  Don't you love that Schumacher fabric?

My sketch of the elevations with a small window seat in the corner under the window.  Since we couldn't change the size or shape of the window, it still needed to remain purposeful and not look as if the tub was MIA. The window seat was the solution, also a nice place to introduce some color with fabric.

I do love a curved backsplash!


Tile to the ceiling in a bigger shower

Making a small space seem large and luxurious, without a tub that would just catch dust!

After photos by Miro Dvorscak

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