Checking on Jobs

I've been making site visits and doing final touches on a few of my projects. 

I'm so excited to see how the modern bathroom is progressing.  I posted about the plan for this bathroom HERE.

It's all about the tile on this job and after much tedious work laying everything out just the way I wanted, the tile installer is on his way, getting a smooth, beautiful installation. 

(This was an installer I haven't worked with before and he didn't like me much at first!  I'm a LITTLE picky.)

We're moving along now and things are looking great. This is a great example of how design sometimes has to be worked out in the field.  The back wall here had settled and was tilting out from the floor to the ceiling (exterior wall). Since the tile must wrap around the corner the way it does, the angle in the wall would've shown as angled cuts in the tile.  That whole wall had to be floated to get straight cuts. 

The concept here is to make this space seem as big as possible, hence the horizontal banding with tile wrapping around the room continuously. I had planned for the tile to be run with a grout joint centered on the sink at the vanity.  Once we laid it out, we discovered that it looked better in the corner of the shower with a  1/2  tile at the end to appear as if it wraps around the corner.  Then I shifted the center line of the tile to the vanity center and liked that layout much better. I know, boring......but these little things are sooooo important!  Those shampoo niches HAD to be exactly centered in the tile band, same with the wall sconces at the vanity.  An inch off would just kill it for me!

Before windows - single pane traditional

Not for this modern bathroom!

After windows - double pane rain glass

A sheer pleated shade will cover these for some softness and more horizontal lines.

Corner fireplace in the master bedroom on this job.

That little tiny piece of painted wood on the left is a mini door to put your hand into the wall to turn on the gas. !!!   We fixed that.

You can't see it under the propped up tile, but there's a proper escutcheon and key for the gas valve installed now.  I love this slate, Thorntree's Emerald Green. It looks great just butted together with no grout.  The variation in thickness of the tile gives it a real natural stone appearance.  Outside edges are all bullnosed for a clean installation.

Another bathroom remodel site visit, this one is traditional.

Still work to be done on the cabinetry, caulking at the sinks, mirror frame finish to be applied, etc.  The tile work here is impeccable.  Love the tone on tone glass and onyx mosaic.  It looks like it was made for the Zin limestone counters.

Finishing touches on another project.

Some Tableaux grilles were installed in the vacant looking windows below.  We didn't need window treatments way up there, just some kind of delineation and interest. The Tableaux worked well with the railing and front door ironwork.  Accessorizing will happen later on down the road.

You can see how vacant these windows looked before the Tableaux grilles were installed.

I really love going to job sites, seeing it all fall into place.  It's just the best part of design.

I'm so excited about being named a Design award winner from!

The Best of Remodeling, Houston award is based on the number of times my work's professional images have been saved into personal ideabooks.  (They even sent me a press release!)
Thank you,!

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