Bedroom and Bathroom Redo

 This master bedroom and bath was for a returning client, whose kitchen I had done a few years prior.  I posted about that remodel HERE.

This client wanted the same neutral palette that we had worked with in the kitchen. They had a very dark, navy color on the walls in both the bathroom and bedroom.  With such a spectacular view, I wanted to lighten the space up and give it a relaxed feel.  Nothing too dramatic to take away from this.....


New textural sheer window treatments, upholstery, pillows, lamp, and paint that don't distract from the view.

We reupholstered this chaise. Note the navy wall color beyond. This room was very dark.

bench - before


We did new neutral bedding and a storage ottoman to add to her existing furnishings.

Fireplace Before

Fireplace After

While most of the finishes are light, I wanted to keep some contrast in the room and add some richness.  My client loves a traditional look, so emphasizing the fireplace in a dark, contrasting finish added some drama.

The adjacent master bath had the same look.


The dated bathroom had navy vinyl wallpaper, navy tile counters, and dated fixtures.  That little tub below was squeezed in between the two vanities.  It looked almost child-sized.


By turning the tub perpendicular to the window, we gave it some space and breathing room.  It makes for a more luxurious look.


My client wanted a more traditional feel in this bathroom. The footed tub, paneled vanities, and shaded light fixtures helped bring about that look.


I loved how the shower turned out and especially that chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting.


After images by Miro Dvorscak

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