Site Visits

Lots of construction going on with my projects this past week. 

New cabinetry in a master bath remodel.  We removed the furr down and are taking the cabinetry and mirror to the ceiling.  It looks better already!


Beautiful tile job in a second bathroom.  She wanted some detail, but I didn't want too much contrast or design in the shower to visually distract from the vanity area, so it's just a change in pattern and tile size of the neutral limestone.

Another job....

New cabinetry for a flat screen tv.


Demo at another bathroom remodel.  Tiny shower is out!

Everything has been measured carefully on site to squeeze the maximum out of the small, given space.

New tub deck for our rectangular tub in this modern bathroom redo.

See, it's starting to take shape.

Can't wait to have these traditional, single pane windows gone.  They will be replaced with double pane windows in a rain glass for privacy.  We will cover these with a translucent Roman shade to filter the light and add some softness to this modern bathroom.

Progress!  I love it!

Discussion Continued...