A Few More Images

Don't you hate it when you publish a post and then the next week or so you suddenly find one more perfect image for that post?  It happens to me all the time.  Here are some of the images I have found.....after the posting.

This one would have been perfect for "When Scale Doesn't Matter"

These two for "Plates on the Wall"

These two Images of Yves Saint Laurent's home in Tangiers would have made a great addition to any of these posts.

Love the branches in this image. It would have worked in this post,
 "Flowers and Greenery in Your Home"

I just had to drop a few more in.

Image Credits:    designsponge blog, Canadian House and Home, cote de texas blog, adrianatalkstoyou blog, eclectic revisited blog, Melissa Rufty - House Beautiful, image source unknown-Pinterest, Mary McDonald, Thomas O'Brien-Veranda, Markham Roberts-House Beautiful

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