Color - Jewel Tone Richness

I went to see Riverdance last night, again.  This is their final national tour and I loved it so much some 12 years ago when I saw it I knew I wanted to see it again when it came to the Houston Hobby Center. This time I was really inspired by the rich jewel tone colors in all the costumes and backdrop. 

Padraic Moyles - He was a-ma-zing by the way!

Since then, I've had these colors on my mind and found some great interior images to share.  These are not your mama's jewel tones!  These spaces are alive and so up to date with dark color and moody richness.

Remodelista blog

Elle Decor

Iain Halliday - Elle Decor

Maison Francaise via lotus and fig blog

Elle Decor

I'm leaning the peacock blue direction these days.

Rich color is  always  personal and  never  boring.

Discussion Continued...