Using Mirrors Effectively

Sig Bergamin - Elle Decor

I think all designers love using mirrors to get extra depth out of a room and to create some deception in a space.  Careful placement of a mirror can bring much needed light into a dark space, can double the size of the room, or make a hallway seem like it goes on forever. I'm always on the look out for mirrors used in creative and unusual ways that achieve a purpose other than the obvious.  Here are some great examples.

Jonathan Berger - House Beautiful

Traditional Home

Michael S. Smith - Architectural Digest

Kit and Tim Kemp - Elle Decor

Jean-Louis Denoit - Elle Decor

Faye Cone - House Beautiful

Shari Markbreiter - Traditional Home

Steven Gambrel - Elle Decor

Roger Higgins - Traditional Home

Elle Decor

Courtney Coleman, Bill Brockschmidt - House Beautiful

Stephanie Stokes - House Beautiful

When used effectively, mirrors are a great trick to get extra visual square footage, open up a window in a space, and of course, direct focus on the inhabitant.  Who doesn't pause to glance at themselves in a well-placed mirror! 

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