Decorating the Niche

David Oliver - Veranda 

Could there be anything more naked looking than a niche without something in it?

Many new-ish homes have an abundance of niches, built to make the space look interesting.  Looking for somothing to fill the void? Take a cue from these examples. 

The citrus tree above fills the space and brings life, color, and dimension.

Eclectic Revisited

The wood tones lining these niches add warmth. Glass shelving suspended within allows smaller decorative items to be used to fill the space and add interest.

Electic Revisited

Overscaled containers with plants are simple and beautiful.


The single sculpture in a niche gives importance to the piece.

Meredith  Hutchison - Veranda

I love this horizontal niche, painted in a contrasting color, used for collectibles from the beach.


A master bath project of mine where we tiled the niche.  No need to put anything in it to fill the space!

Do you have a niche to fill?  What do you have in yours?

Discussion Continued...