Bathroom Mirrors and Lighting

Master Bath Remodel Project  - onyx mosaic tile behind mirror

I've been doing a lot of bathroom remodeling design in the last few years.  How I handle the mirrors is always a key element in the design of the space.  I like to use two different approaches now, never being particularly fond of the typical fixture posted on the wall right over the mirror and the sink.  I use sconces when I can, it provides nice lighting directly on the face. One approach I like is using a framed mirror with sconces and some kind of special wall treatment on the wall behind the mirror, tile or wallpaper, to add a custom look and luxurious feel to the space. 

Showhouse Bathroom - Spring 2011 - wallpaper behind custom framed mirror

Powder Bath Remodel - glass mosaic tile behind mirror

Powder Bath Remodel - light emperador marble tile behind custom mirror

In this powder bath above, the marble on the counter just continues up the wall and accentuates the verticality of the space.

Master Bath Remodel - dark emperador marble slab splash with inset wood framed mirror

I love the tiled wall in the image below from AD. Lighting, mirrors, cabinet all seem to float on that tile.

Shelton, Mendel, and Assoc. - Architectural Digest

Sometimes there is no room for sconces beside the mirror, clients don't want to go to the trouble to relocate j-boxes and do sheetrock work, or they just want a lot of mirror.

My Bathroom Remodel
In my bathroom above, I put the sconce on a large mirror.  I didn't want to break the vanity area up with two framed mirrors and wanted the space to feel bigger so I went wall to wall mirror.

Master Bath Remodel

In this bathroom remodel above, I left the j-boxes where they were and took the mirror higher.  It sort of doubles the lights in the room, reflecting the fixture back into the space.

More examples by other designers of fixtures on mirrors.  It really allows for a bigger mirror, makes things feel more spacious, and brings more light into the room.

Traditional Home

David Kleinberg - Architectural Digest

Donna Livingston - Architectural Digest

Kippie Leland - Schumacher website

That sconce on the mirror just got doubled!

Doing some kind of special treatment at the mirror and vanity lights creates a custom look in a bathroom.  Your eye always goes there, so why not make it special?

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