One More Bathroom Remodel

I have one more master bath remodel to share. This bath went from the builder standard to a simple, clean-lined retreat. The squared off shape of the plumbing fixtures, hardware, and linen weave patterned porcelain tile provide a bit of a modern touch. We enlarged the shower back into the closet and cleaned up the details.

Shower before was a tiny box.

 Builder "details" like the sheetrock shelves or indentations at the ceiling were cleaned up. These were about 12" high and served no purpose. Here's a hint....the more you chop up a space visually, the smaller it looks!


 Dated lighting and mirror went out.  We kept the cabinets and tub only.

Another hint....everything painted the same color makes a space seem bigger!  You don't see the ends of the planes.  The whole space just visually opens up.  It also hides details you want to minimize like the traditional paneled doors and medicine cabinet.  The color we chose for the tile and paint worked well with the rest of the house.

Such meticulous tile work.  When you have a modern look and the detailing is very clean, the craftsmanship has to be the BEST.  Look at that bullnosing and how everything lines up perfectly with such small grout joints.  :)

When I was a little girl, I never dreamed a perfect tile job would make me so happy, but it does!

I love the texture in the woven shade that was repeated on the cabinet.  The rain shower is such a nice luxury.  Simple, modern, spa-like.

"After" photos by Miro Dvorscak
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