AD Love

 Did anyone else think that this was going to be just another celebrity issue?  Not that I didn't appreciate the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor, but if you're going to claim to be the "International Design Authority" shouldn't we have some design on the cover?

I actually left it in it's plastic wrap on the breakfast room table for a week before I touched it.  That's not normal for me!  I usually delve into my mags and study and examine them until the next one comes out. When I finally opened it up, I was really blown away!  Such a wonderful combination of projects with one common theme....GOOD DESIGN!

This project by Thomas Jayne was simply stunning.  I love that blue parsons table with the antique, carved chairs and the crisp, white walls.  So unexpected for a home of this nature and yet, doesn't the combination just sing?

That table had belonged to the homeowner in mauve, Jayne had it lacquered blue. 

Look at that striped runner in this neoclassical envelope with those chairs dipped in a hot red.  Such an interesting combination and so graphically artistic. 

Then there's Amelia Handegan at the beach. Casual, graphic, comfortable, clean.  I love this project. What a contrast to Thomas Jayne's.

Great color and such a wonderful atmosphere.

The modern project - MR Architecture + Decor. Bachelor pad in NYC that has just the right amount of artful statement mixed with simply detailed materials. 

What a great modern kitchen injected with just the right amount of warmth in the table and floors.

 I love this closet done in laminated plywood, simple materials shown off at their best in a natural state.

A fabulous hotel on the Amalfi coast, Villa Tre Ville, exquisitely designed.  AD is international, you know!

I'm not sure I'd leave the room!

Then they top it off with a peek at some of the most unique architectural projects around the world.

I'm so satisfied.  I'll be pouring over this one for a long time.

All images from the July 2011 issue of Architectural Digest.

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