Wallpaper - Yes, It's In Style!

One of the comments I heard most in my room at the ASID Showhouse this last month was "So, is wallpaper back in style?".  I was very surprised.  I guess most people don't read blogs and magazines like I do, so they've missed the memo on that.  Yes, it is in style, not only that.....it never went out of style!  Designers have been using wallpaper forEVER.  It is a wonderful tool for bringing pattern and interest to a space and a quick way to personalize your home. 

My Showhouse bathroom, above, for a teenaged girl.  The wallpaper was the star.  It was so fun to see visitor's expressions on their faces when they turned to look into the bathroom and saw all that color and pattern. Photos by Miro Dvorscak. 

Okay, enough about my Showhouse room, I know I'm beating an old horse to death here.  Let's move on to see who else has been using wallpaper in fresh new ways in the past few years!

Melanie Coddington, her work just featured on Decorati's website.

Amanda Nesbit, House Beautiful

 Meg Braff, House Beautiful

 Tobi Fairley, her own entry hall, featured in Traditional Home

 Another room by Tobi Fairley, featured in AY magazine

 Tom Scheerer, House Beautiful

Michael Smith, House Beautiful

Schumacher just had a competition for the best use of their wallpaper by designers, Show Off Your Schumacher.  Designers from all over the world were invited to enter.  Here are the winners.

Kippie Leland, Leland Interiors, Inc. - Nashville, Tennesee

Christopher Kennedy, Christopher Kennedy, Inc – Palm Springs, California

Renée LeJeune Hallberg, RLH Studio – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Top Winner - Bronwyn Poole, Touch Interiors – Mosman, Australia

Need I say more?????

If you would like to incorporate wallpaper into the design of your home, contact Aston Design Studio for a consultation!

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