Bold Moments at the Showhouse

The ASID Showhouse opened this past Friday in Sienna Plantation in the Houston area. The house looks great and I'd like to share a few of the bolder moments in the house. My wallpaper in the bathroom I did for a teenaged girl, above, has a bold pattern that is both graphic and pretty.

This ceiling in the home theater, designed by Diana Walker, has incredible color and a subtle but interesting constellation pattern that minimizes the awkward angles in the ceiling. The pattern was created and painted by the talented artists of Imago Dei.

The photographs installed in the downstairs hallway, designed by Jason Broughton, make a strong visual statement. Photographs by Paul Swen.

Lynne T. Jones designed the upstairs music room located just outside the home theater. She went to Stacy Hosrich to create a custom piece of art...a bold, graphic moon that seems to glow.

Be still my heart! I think it skipped a beat when I saw this fixture in the study, designed by Amilee Wendt. The modern fixture she chose dominates and illuminates the high ceilings in this space. A bold statement indeed. (Love the table desk too!)

Come on out to Sienna Plantation to see it all for yourself! We'll be here through April 17th, open Tuesday through Sunday.

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