Today, On DESIGNED daily | Gorgeous Wooden Bathtubs, Arranging Furniture At An Angle, A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile & Much More!

A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile (HILARIOUS! ;-)

A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile (HILARIOUS! ;-)

Gorgeous Grain | Wooden Bathtubs That Really Go With The Flow

Gorgeous Grain | Wooden Bathtubs That Really Go With The Flow

How To Arrange Furniture At An Angle

How To Arrange Furniture At An Angle

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Wanting some new cabinetry in your home? Check out these cool products seen at KBIS 2019!

You won’t want to design new bathroom cabinets without seeing these cool products I have featured for you today.

Finds From KBIS 2019 - White Appliances And A Clever New Innovation

I have more finds from KBIS 2019 to share today that I know you will love! Are stainless steel appliances on the outs?

15 Lovely Green Decor Accents - Bring This Popular Color Into Your Home!

We’ve been seeing the color green all over our designer trade shows recently, from home decor to kitchen cabinets. What better way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day than to buy something green for your home that is stylish, timeless and will last longer than green beer. :-)

A Pretty Laundry Room In Periwinkle Blue

I’m sharing a pretty laundry room from a project I worked on several years ago. Click through to see this space that anyone would be happy to walk into with a load of laundry!

Consultation Advice - Overbearing Wood Stairs, A Huge Entry Hall,  And Living Room Paint Color

I’ve been getting quite a few Designed in a Click Q and A consultations this month and I’m sharing a few snippets with you here today.

New Trending Surfaces Seen At KBIS 2019 - Tile, Countertops, Shower Enclosures, Cabinet Finishes

I’m sharing some of the cool, new tile and countertop materials, shower enclosures, and some unique cabinet finishes that really blew me away during my trip to KBIS 2019 recently.

I think you’re going to love these.

Accessible Design Products Found At KBIS 2019

I’m always on the look out for beautiful products that can be used for aging-in-place or accessible design. Check out these two new products/vendors I found at KBIS2019, that really impressed me.

Backsplash Q and A - What tile backsplash would help update this kitchen?

I’m sharing another Designed in a Click Q and A done recently on one of my most popular topics, kitchen backsplash design and selection!

BEFORE AND AFTER - A Fresh, Light Family-Friendly Home Makeover

I’ve already posted the kitchen before and after pics from this pretty family-friendly home, but now I’ve got the adjacent family room, a peek at the powder room and a sweeeet bench we had made for the long entry hall.

Take a look…..

What To Upgrade In Your New Builder Home And What NOT To!

Are you buying a new home and feel like the builder is asking a lot for the upgrades you want to do?

Maybe you need to cut back on the expense, but want to make some wise choices about where to invest now and see what you can hold off on, to do yourself later.

This post will give you tips on where to spend and where might want to wait till you own the house.