Today, On DESIGNED daily | Gorgeous Wooden Bathtubs, Arranging Furniture At An Angle, A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile & Much More!

 A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile (HILARIOUS! ;-)

A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile (HILARIOUS! ;-)

 Gorgeous Grain | Wooden Bathtubs That Really Go With The Flow

Gorgeous Grain | Wooden Bathtubs That Really Go With The Flow

 How To Arrange Furniture At An Angle

How To Arrange Furniture At An Angle

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25 Beautiful Shower Niches For Your Beautiful Bath Products

If you’re going to have a luxurious, gorgeous, spa-like shower, you’re going to need a niche ... or two ;-)

HOME TOUR - A California Home That Celebrates The Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle, Part 3

This home has so many cool places to lounge, live, work and play, you will find yourself craving that California indoor-outdoor lifestyle, no matter what part of the world you are from.

Planning A Bathroom Remodel? Consider The Layout First

I’ve done a lot of bathroom remodeling design over the past several years. And one of the first elements of each project I consider is the layout. (I’m sharing a peek at one of my bathroom remodels going on right now toward the end of this post. Check it out! You might want to borrow this idea for your next remodel.)

The Dangers Of Not Planning Your Interior Design Project Ahead Of Time

This is about starting a project with a “minimal fix” in mind. Beginning with a smaaaaaall scope and, during the construction process, having it grow...

Into something big.. Something you didn’t really plan on. 

An oddly-shaped kitchen island | Why it's one of my BIGGEST pet peeves

An oddly-shaped kitchen island:

It's one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.

And that says a lot, because I've seen some really odd ones out there.

When To Use A Natural Stone Backsplash And When NOT To

I recently received a question from a blog reader asking about what natural stone tile she should use on her kitchen backsplash. She had a natural stone countertop selected and just wanted a tip on what she should look for.


Sneak Peeks! A Big Remodel Almost Complete

I'm so excited to share some sneak peeks of this remodel I've worked on for about a year now. It is in the final home stretch and there is so much activity on the jobsite right now, with all the final layers being put in place. Come take a peek!

11 simple ways to make a small bathroom look BIGGER

These tricks I'm about to show you can be applied to any type of room.

However, in a bathroom, they are particularly important.

MUST HAVE Outdoor Furnishings For Your Summer Entertaining

I've been doing some sourcing of outdoor furnishings on the internet recently and found something I think you might want to see. Click through to see an $11,000 outdoor table!

A House Perched On A Hill And A Cute Spanish Style Home - California Home Tours Part 2

I'm sharing some pics of two more of the cool houses we toured in LA during Dwell on Design's Home Tours. I have to say, Californians have this indoor/outdoor living thing down, beautifully.