Today, On DESIGNED daily | Trends vs. Fads - What's The Difference?, Andree Putman Passes, A 1970 'It' Home & Much More!

 A 1970 'It' Home

A 1970 'It' Home

 Trends vs. Fads | What's The Difference?

Trends vs. Fads | What's The Difference?

 1925-2013 | Andree Putman, ‘The Grande Dame of Design,’ Revolutionized Interiors

1925-2013 | Andree Putman, ‘The Grande Dame of Design,’ Revolutionized Interiors

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BEFORE AND AFTER: A Dated, Builder Bathroom Becomes An Eye-Catching, Modern Retreat

I’m sharing the remarkable before and after images today of a basic builder bathroom that went from dated and ordinary to eye-catching and totally on trend. Click through to check it out……

Flood Your Home With Natural Light Using Well Placed Skylights

Is your house dark no matter how many windows you have? Are there covered porches or patios or maybe lots of trees shading your house causing it to feel dark inside even on a bright, sunny day?

Kitchen Tile Backsplash - How To Transition To A 42" High Bar At The Sink

Just when I think I've covered everything about kitchen tile backsplashes, I get another question that comes up. 

Teen Boy's Bedroom With A Hint Of Sports Theme

I just finished up a big project which I hope to photograph soon with a cool boy's bedroom design that I'd like to share.

What Gray Paint Color Is Best? Here are my favorites...

I’m sharing a few of my favorite gray paint colors used over the years today. Are you needing a new gray paint color?

What's The Best Paint For Your Trim: High Gloss, Semi-Gloss, or Satin Enamel?

Even though I hate applying a single rule to anything in design, I do use these considerations when choosing paint finishes for a project.

BEFORE AND AFTER - A Coastal Style Dining Room And Foyer Makeover

This is such a pretty before and after makeover of a dining room and foyer, you are going to love it! 

Making A Formal Living Room A Little More Child Friendly

This project is one I worked on several years ago, before this homeowner had a baby.

Dismiss Cookie Cutter Design Forever With Fully Customized Pieces

More and more often, I’m finding that homeowners don’t want something that anyone with an internet connection can have with the click of a mouse. They prefer their homes to...

25 Beautiful Shower Niches For Your Beautiful Bath Products

If you’re going to have a luxurious, gorgeous, spa-like shower, you’re going to need a niche ... or two ;-)