Today, On DESIGNED daily | Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Movie Theater, 15 Cool Alcove Beds, 9 Glorious Tubs & Much More!

An Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Public Cinema Center

An Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Public Cinema Center

Draw Yourself A Bath And Stay A While | 9 Glorious Tubs

Draw Yourself A Bath And Stay A While | 9 Glorious Tubs

15 Cool Alcove Beds

15 Cool Alcove Beds

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HOME TOUR - This remodel project brought a fresh, timeless vibe to the homeowner's personal treasures.

Simplifying the envelope of this home helped the homeowner’s objects and furnishings shine. See the before and afters of this project I worked on years ago and see if it stood up to the test of time……

HOME TOUR - The New American Remodel Is Spacious, Modern And Masculine

I am sharing The New American Remodel here, that I toured at KBIS 2019, back in February. I wanted to give this special home some space to be featured, away from all my other KBIS posts and The New American Home, that typically dominates the two tours. You know, new builds always have that “brand new” appeal and it is hard for a remodel to stand on its own. This one, however, is quite capable of being featured on the center stage. Matter of fact, I liked it better. :-)

BEFORE AND AFTER - A Laundry Room Makeover You Won't Believe!

Do you remember this laundry room “before” pic? Well, wait till you see the “after”……

ON TREND - White Plaster Or Gesso Finished Lighting And Home Decor For A Fresh, Modern Look!

Have you noticed more white plaster or gesso finished home decor products out there on the market these days? That’s because it is a decor trend that is becoming more and more popular as a fresh, modern look. See some of these beautiful products I’ve found for you and check out the links to buy something special for your home, right here……

Moving my office back home on a downsizing journey - I'm almost there!

Are you on a downsizing journey for your home? Whether you want to live smaller or just minimize the clutter, it can be truly life-changing to edit your life in any number of ways.

BEFORE AND AFTER - How To Update Your Deep Cabinetry To House A Big Flat Screen TV

I’m sharing a before and after of a cabinet niche that was updated to accommodate a big flat screen tv. These pics came in from a reader of my blog. I was so happy to see the results and asked if I could share her pics with you today.

SNEAK PEEK - The ASID Showhouse In Houston's Lush River Oaks Area Delivers Showstopping Interior Design, Part 2

Ah yes, I know you wanted a glimpse of the upstairs part of this gorgeous River Oaks ASID Showhouse and I’m here to deliver!

You might have seen me post a before pic or two of this kitchen at some point, if you follow me on Instagram. This project was put on hold for awhile after the design was done, so it has been a bit of a wait to see how this transformation would actually turn out.

Once it got moving again and was put into construction, it brought some remarkable results! Check out these before and afters of one of my recent kitchen remodel projects……

SNEAK PEEK - The ASID Showhouse In Houston's Lush River Oaks Area Delivers Showstopping Interior Design, Part 1

I’m sharing some sneak peeks here today of the gorgeous ASID showhouse I attended last week. You will be buying your ticket to see more after you get a glimpse of what these 21 interior designers have done in this lovely home.

These Airbnb Essentials Create A Luxury Home Stay Experience

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb that had stained bedding, chipped plates, or did not have a way to regulate the air so that you were comfortable in an unexpected heat wave or cold front?

I have. And believe me, there is nothing that brings down the luxury level of home stay more than not having some of these items in place when you plunk your dollars down for a luxury Airbnb vacation rental experience.