Today, On DESIGNED daily | Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Movie Theater, 15 Cool Alcove Beds, 9 Glorious Tubs & Much More!

An Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Public Cinema Center

An Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Public Cinema Center

Draw Yourself A Bath And Stay A While | 9 Glorious Tubs

Draw Yourself A Bath And Stay A While | 9 Glorious Tubs

15 Cool Alcove Beds

15 Cool Alcove Beds

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FURNITURE TRENDS From High Point Market - The 80's Are Back, But Lookin' Better Than Ever

I’m sharing more finds from High Point Market, design lovers, along with a little peek at my old corporate designer self in today’s post……

ALL Your Holiday Decorating Needs Are Right Here!

November is here, and holiday decorating is on!

I have some fun links here for you to explore today, from posts that I’ve updated with this year’s best holiday decor links….. from fresh greens to order for your front door to the perfect themed Christmas tree for your teen daughter’s room!

FURNITURE TRENDS From High Point Market - Upholstered Stools And Tiny Tables

I’m sharing more spectacular furniture and design inspiration from High Point Market for you today, design lovers! While my previous post featured some of the biggest furniture pieces I found, the fab sectional sofas, this post goes small, with footstools and tiny tables. Even in a tiny apartment, an extra stool or table can fit in nicely and come in really handy, especially during holiday entertaining time! Check these out….

FURNITURE TRENDS From High Point Market - Sectional Sofa Guide

I’m sharing some of my favorite furniture trends from the Fall High Point Market showroom floors with you, in my next few posts, my design loving friends! I saw so many unique and interesting sectional sofas, I thought I’d create a guide of the vendors I saw, to help you find exactly the piece that’s right for you, in case you want a new sectional sofa.

Take a look…..

Your Bedside Decor And Furniture Can Be Soothing, Calming, And Safe!

I’ve got bedrooms on the brain, thinking about how a well designed and tidy bedroom can keep you sane, calm, and safe…..after I tumbled over in my bedroom in the middle of the night, a few days ago and fractured my left wrist!

The Best Way To Save Money When Decorating Your House

Okay, you can’t afford to change out all your interior furnishings every five years. You want to make good investments and have things last a long time. You want to never grow tired of them or have them look really dated or screaming a certain time period. How do you do that?

Modern Boho Style Leaves Room For Living In Your Home

When perfection is unattainable, a modern boho style can be the perfect solution for living in your home. It allows room for your unique collections, a few vintage finds, some inherited pieces, and even the new and modern. No need to throw everything out and start over in a room when using this style as your guide. In fact, it might be better to reuse what you have……

A Living Room Design Consultation Helps Bring Balance And Style

While I try to over-deliver and bring real value to each and every design consultation I do, there are some I can’t help but go all in with. That’s because the homeowner has made a great start and is up for some spending to make their room exactly what they want.

This was one of those cases.

BEFORE AND AFTER - A Master Bath And Bedroom Remodel That Feels "Designed"

You can see from the BEFORE pic of this master bath that it was spacious and light filled, but it lacked something more…..good design.

What were the worst offenders in the design of this space?

COLOR PALETTE CRUSH - Best Color Scheme For Terracotta Floor Tiles

“What are the best colors to use with terracotta floor tiles, if you want more color than just warm tones?”

This was a recent question from a reader…….click through to find out more.