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BEFORE AND AFTER - A Fresh, Light Family-Friendly Home Makeover

I’ve already posted the kitchen before and after pics from this pretty family-friendly home, but now I’ve got the adjacent family room, a peek at the powder room and a sweeeet bench we had made for the long entry hall.

Take a look…..

What To Upgrade In Your New Builder Home And What NOT To!

Are you buying a new home and feel like the builder is asking a lot for the upgrades you want to do?

Maybe you need to cut back on the expense, but want to make some wise choices about where to invest now and see what you can hold off on, to do yourself later.

This post will give you tips on where to spend and where might want to wait till you own the house.

Interior Designer Insider's Guide To KBIS - Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

If you are a designer who has never been to KBIS, you should read on to learn more about this great trade show that focuses on kitchens and baths. Even if you’re not a designer and are just curious, this post is for you!

DESIGNED IN A CLICK Q AND A - Where do you end THIS backsplash???

I had a recent Designed in a Click Q and A with a reader of my blog about her laundry room backsplash. She wanted to know, when she remodeled, where and how to end it. There was just no apparent solution at all.

BEFORE AND AFTER - A Navy And White Kitchen And Breakfast Nook For A Young Family

You’re gonna LOVE this before and after, trust me.