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recently, on DESIGNED...
Don't let a heavy window valance cover half your window. Here are some options...

I’m sharing some tips about window treatments today, particularly valances, and offering some solutions that you might not have thought of yourself. Do you see the problem in the photo here?

I'm heading to Napa for an amazing culinary and kitchen design workshop with SKS Appliances!

I am almost on my way to Napa for an amazing culinary workshop at SKS Appliances’ new, state of the art, Experience and Design Center! See what all we will be doing….

BEFORE AND AFTER - A Dark Wood Kitchen Gets A Coastal Style Makeover

I’m excited to share this coastal style kitchen remodel with you, that was recently completed. This was a partial kitchen makeover and I think you’re going to love this one…….

Beautiful Books For Styling Coffee Tables and Bookshelves

I’ve been styling coffee tables and bookshelves on projects lately and I’ve selected some books for clients that really look great and I think speak to the rooms, their style and some of my clients’ taste and preferences. I thought I’d share some of my favorite books with you today, for styling your shelves and tables.

Favorite White Paint Colors And A Fab New Paint Sample Tool

Do you have a problem picking the best white paint color for your home? Well, I’m here to help.