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5 Trends Spotted At Highpoint Fall Market

I just got back from Highpoint Market and my feet still hurt from all that walking, spotting trends and beautiful home furnishings just for you. ;-)

Project Updates And Some Beautiful Interiors Coming Your Way...

I’m sharing some project updates today and letting you in on some other remarkable interiors and decor about to come your way.

MUST SEE - Featured Artist, Kari Kroll

If you love bright bursts of color and graphic statements in art, then you are going to love this artist I’m featuring today.

How To Pick Perfect Decorative Throw Pillows For Your Sofa, Bed Or Chair

Trust me, there's an art to this. Many times a whole design scheme starts right here, with the pillows.

SNEAK PEEK - Remodeling A House To Sell With Strategic, Savvy Design

Check out what is going on with this project that we are remodeling to help it appeal to many buyers so that it will sell like lightning when it hits the market.