Today, On DESIGNED daily | DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier And Pendant, 7 Design Trends Of The 1950s, & Much More!

 DIY PROJECT: Brenna's Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier

DIY PROJECT: Brenna's Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier

 7 Major Interior Design & Decorating Trends Of The 1950s

7 Major Interior Design & Decorating Trends Of The 1950s

 DIY Faux Capiz Shell Pendant

DIY Faux Capiz Shell Pendant

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SNEAK PEEK - A Kitchen Remodel Project That's Lookin' Good :-)

This kitchen remodel is coming along. We’re almost ready for countertops next week. Come see what all is happening……

3 Tips For Getting A House Ready To Sell

I’m working on two houses now to get them spiffed up and ready to sell. I’ve got 3 main tips I’m sharing today, that I’m focusing on to help these homes get the best offers for their homeowners. Take a look at some of what we are doing.

Are You Contemplating Smart Home Products? You Should See This....

What do smart home devices record and how often they contact their servers to report information about your usage of those products? You might want to see this.

Where to end the kitchen backsplash? Yet another question for the book.

I received yet another question on where to end a kitchen backsplash from the new owner of this cute kitchen. Can you guess what I told him? It’s more than you might think.

I Confess. I Watch TV And Movies For The Interiors.

One my fave Netflix shows, “Ozark”, just dropped a new season. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. What will you be watching?

A Move To Senior Retirement Living - Tips For A Gradual Adjustment Process

My mother-in-law recently moved to a retirement living community for seniors. I have some tips to share today about how we all approached the process that might be helpful if you have a loved one who is downsizing and moving to a smaller living situation.

10 Of My Best Bathroom Design Tips!

 These tips will add value, style, and help raise the bar of any bathroom. Yep, even yours. ;-)

I've decided to paint my dining room.

I've been wanting to paint my dining room for ever, but never could decide on a color.

A Dining Room Furniture Selection Tweaked With An eDesign Consultation

There is nothing that gets my attention in an inbox more than a comment like this.

“Love your blog, you have some really wonderful ideas that are so helpful!”

If I was a cat I’d be purring. A dog….my tail would be wagging and I’d be looking up adoringly into your eyes. :-)

But I was really pleased when I saw this beautiful home in the attached pics for this Designed in a Click Q&A consultation email.

Oh Travertine, What Do We Do With You Now?

I had a question yesterday from a reader on an older blogpost of mine, about how to update the look of travertine tile floors.