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PROJECT REVEAL - This lovely living room received some special treatment!

This project reveal just keeps getting better! Today I’m sharing the living room with some before and after pics. Come and take a look…..

Does Your Christmas Dinner Table Need A New Look?

Check out these coordinated Christmas dinner table top finds, just in time for your holiday meals.

A Kitchen Remodel Starting Just Before Christmas And Some News!

I’m sharing a project that is starting construction right now, just before the holidays, as well as news about some of the other irons we have in the fire……..

Interior Designer / Brand Collaborations In The Design Industry Are Helping Brands Get Customers

Ever wonder what is happening in the interior design industry that is giving us all hope for the future of design? This has us all excited……

PROJECT REVEAL - An Elegant Dining Room With A Fresh, New Look

This elegant dining room started out as a very plain, simple room and was given a fresh, new look. This was a project that I finished last spring and I’m delighted to share some of these first rooms in my project reveal with you today.