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SNEAK PEEK - The ASID Showhouse In Houston's Lush River Oaks Area Delivers Showstopping Interior Design, Part 1

I’m sharing some sneak peeks here today of the gorgeous ASID showhouse I attended last week. You will be buying your ticket to see more after you get a glimpse of what these 21 interior designers have done in this lovely home.

These Airbnb Essentials Create A Luxury Home Stay Experience

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb that had stained bedding, chipped plates, or did not have a way to regulate the air so that you were comfortable in an unexpected heat wave or cold front?

I have. And believe me, there is nothing that brings down the luxury level of home stay more than not having some of these items in place when you plunk your dollars down for a luxury Airbnb vacation rental experience.

An Airbnb In California Wine Country's Sonoma Valley Is This Interior Designer's Dream Stay

This Airbnb in California’s Sonoma Valley, is one stay you will definitely want to bookmark for your next trip to wine country.

I feel like I won the internet when I found this one!

This is the laaaaaast set of images from my project with that amazing blue and white backsplash. I’m sharing some pics of the master bedroom and the really striking powder room. Come and see……

BEFORE AND AFTER - A Dramatic Kitchen and Family Room Makeover You Really Must See!

I’m so excited to share a dramatic kitchen and family room remodel and makeover with you today!

This home no longer looks like all the other homes in the neighborhood. It has a customized, dramatic, striking appeal that more closely matches the taste of the homeowner. It is updated with a beautiful look that will last. :-)

Value was added to the property and well, I think things are purposefully all tied together now. Take a look……