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Seagrass Or Sisal On Your Stairs Can Be Problematic. Here's A Great Option!

Have you ever heard someone say that they love the look of seagrass or sisal for their stairs but have heard some problems about using it there? Well today, I have an option for you here today, that you won’t want to miss…..

Get Your Fall Front Door Decor Ready to Go BEFORE Fall Hits!

Do you like to decorate your front door or porch for fall every year? Even though it has been almost 100 degrees around here this past week, I’m already looking forward to cooler temps and the chance to refresh my front porch for fall. Are you?

Mouldings Can Be A Beautiful Thing, Except For When They're Not

Mouldings can be a beautiful thing. However, many times they’re not. Sometimes they’re bulky or puny, cheaply done, outside of the contextual style of the house, and really just don’t make sense.

KITCHEN DESIGN QUICK TIP - How To Transition Finishes At The Kitchen Sink Window

If there is one area of the kitchen that always needs some special attention in a remodel, it is typically the finishes around the kitchen sink and window. If designed with intention before everything is torn out, when you can still affect changes in the cabinetry or window, sill or trim, then this nice, clean detail can be achieved. Check it out…..

Get Your Home Organized Before Fall Arrives!

Fall is around the corner! Are you organized and ready? I have a few tips and perfect storage containers that are helping me get my home organized.