Today, on DESIGNED daily | The Rise Of The Backyard Office, 14 Stylish (& Comfortable) Desk Chairs, Work @ Home Survival Tips & Much More!

 The Rise Of The Backyard Office

The Rise Of The Backyard Office

 14 Stylish (And Comfortable) Desk Chairs

14 Stylish (And Comfortable) Desk Chairs

 How To Work From Home Without Going Insane

How To Work From Home Without Going Insane

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A Dining Room Furniture Selection Tweaked With An eDesign Consultation

There is nothing that gets my attention in an inbox more than a comment like this.

“Love your blog, you have some really wonderful ideas that are so helpful!”

If I was a cat I’d be purring. A dog….my tail would be wagging and I’d be looking up adoringly into your eyes. :-)

But I was really pleased when I saw this beautiful home in the attached pics for this Designed in a Click Q&A consultation email.

Oh Travertine, What Do We Do With You Now?

I had a question yesterday from a reader on an older blogpost of mine, about how to update the look of travertine tile floors. 

How Tall Should Your Nightstand Be?

If you've purchased a new bed recently, then you might have noticed that your old nightstand might not be tall enough anymore.

Want To Ask An Interior Designer A Question? Here's How.....

If you've been following my blog at all, you may know that I do answer interior design related questions in the comments. However, when I get emailed those questions for a separate, singular private answer, here's my response....

DECORATING TRICK To Tone Down Brightly Colored Rugs

Do you have an expensive brightly colored rug that you are little tired of? Are you not ready to just dump it and start over with rug shopping? Maybe you just need a small refresh and want your room look a little more toned down?

I have just the trick for you!....