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Some Beautiful Kitchen Renderings For Remodel Projects

I’m sharing some beautiful kitchen renderings I’ve recently had done of some of my projects.

I love how realistic they are, you have to look close to see if they are a rendering or a photograph!

More Highlights From Dwell On Design's Malibu Fall Home Tours

What a treat to get to walk into one of these houses perched right above the beach in Malibu, on the Pacific Coast Highway. I have been down that highway many times and I’ve always imagined what it would be like, to stand in one of those homes and look out over the ocean.

I don’t have to wonder anymore. :-)

What's trending in home design accessorizing in 2019?

I just happened upon a home design trends article that I was excited to find.

PROJECT REVEAL - Family Room, Backyard Oasis, and Breakfast Room

Do you need a backyard oasis like the one pictured here? Maybe a comfy family room or some new furnishings for your breakfast room?

Well, you might want to check out these photos then, of this project completed last year that is ready for spring and some beautiful outdoor living.

Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends, Guaranteed to Freshen Up Your Home

These are the top 10 trends in bathroom design. Trust me here: These are hot!