Tomorrow, the oh-so charming Michael Payne joins us here on 'DESIGNED!'

Michael Payne

Michael Payne

Tomorrow, Michael Payne -- the famed designer and original host of HGTV's Designing For The Sexes --  will be joining us here on DESIGNED to share the wisdom he's learned throughout the many years he's spent helping couples resolve the inevitable issues that occur between two people who have differing design styles. Oh, the drama!

So I trust you'll join us for the interview, right? I sure hope so, because this I can promise you:

Even the most seasoned designer who feels like they've heard it all when it comes to discussions about the beauty and business of our industry will be fascinated by the stories Mr. Payne reveals. Unless you truly have seen it all and heard it all on the topic of interior design, I can't imagine how anyone will walk away from Michael's words not feeling inspired, motivated or enlightened.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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