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Christmas is coming so fast this year!  I hope you're all ready at your house.

Mine is a bit torn up at the moment. I started an upstairs bathroom remodel just before Thanksgiving and my tile guy is up there, right now, tiling away. Just like last year when I ripped out my old floors and then redid my home office, I always pick the worst times of the year for a remodel for myself! I totally sympathize with my clients regarding what they live through during a remodel! My house is always a work-in-progress. :-/

We've been very blessed this year with lots of work and some really interesting projects. We've gotten to know the wonderful people that live in the spaces we design and are grateful for the opportunity to make their homes shine for them. 

It's been such a thrill to watch the growth of my blog. I've been able to connect with all kinds of design lovers out there, just like YOU. I'm so grateful for all my readers, especially those of you who welcome me into your inbox. I know that's a special privilege and I'm honored.

Happy Holidays! -- @Carla

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