Houston-area Consultation

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Houston-area Consultation


DESIGNED w/a Consultation:

One 90 minute on-site consultation in Houston or northern Houston surrounds. Currently not available.

Please contact our office, 281-364-6633, prior to payment. These sessions are very limited in availability.

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Service Details:

Design consultations can be done as my schedule permits. These are one time offerings. Once we have one, you either can elect to go on your own with information we’ve given you or you can move forward as full service client. As my time is limited for these, I cannot work on the same project again and again with multiple consults. Follow up questions can be handled through DESIGNED in a CLICK.

Pricing for ONE 90-minute consultation in Houston or northern Houston surrounds: $500. Amount due payable via check at the appointment or using the "Purchase" button at the top of this page.

DESIGNED w/a Consultation services are not available as a Free Friday Walk-Through. FFWT are for assessing full service projects and whether or not we will be able to take on your project in our studio. These consultations are designed to give you design direction and answer your specific questions about your space in the 90-minute time frame.

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