This home office is designed for a man who needs a refuge to think, study and work.

A businessman with impeccable taste, who knows a little-something about style, who wants something a bit moody, masculine and rich.

  Photographer:  Mathowie

Photographer: Mathowie

  Photographer:  Mathowie  

Photographer: Mathowie 

  Photographer:  Andre-Batista

Photographer: Andre-Batista

Along with his panache and flair, he has a serious side. He’s a cross between the Dos Equis man, Daniel Craig’s James Bond and Don Draper.

He's a man who enjoys sophisticated drink - only top-shelf liquor for him.

He runs several businesses, all successful, and needs a space away from the household to think, creatively. Because businessmen, at least the successful ones, are very creative.

All in all, I'd say I have his personality figured out. And, as the person who's designing his new office, this is important to know. 

So take a look at the design plan below and let me know if the look matches his style. And if it matches yours, feel free to put the blueprint to work for yourself ;-) 


Digital Renderings
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Color | Tricorn Black
Sherwin Williams

Let's start with the walls.

Their color: Tricorn Black.

That’s right. Let’s make a real statement here. He’s a man after all, not afraid of the dark.

Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black. The blackest black. On walls, mouldings, and doors. A dark, rich and dramatic envelope for a dark, rich and dramatic personality.

And I never leave a ceiling white unless it’s deliberate. I’m doing that here. Because the black will be so much more dramatic with the contrast and it will relate to the floor. You’ll see.

Freedom Desk Chair
Design Within Reach
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Next up: The chair.

Because every great man needs a great chair. In this case: Design Within Reach's Niels Diffrient’s Freedom Task Chair.

The richness and warmth of the leather and the ergonomics are to die for. Nothing but the best. Here’s the product description: "For big shots who leave small footprints, Freedom is 62% recycled, 90% recyclable and 100% comfortable."

Don’t you love it?  

I know he will ;-)

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The perfect desk accessories.

And they're all leather, just like the chair. 

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Rowan Pharmacy Task Table Lamp
Restoration Hardware

Gramercy Mirrored Desk
Restoration Hardware

Now, for a little something polished and gleaming and reflective in all that luscious blackness: the desk. 

The Restoration Hardware, Gramercy desk - it has “Tailored Man” written all over it. It even has an antiqued mirrored top so he can smooth his mustache while he’s pondering the next place he’ll move his money. 

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And then one of these in the middle to tuck away the laptop at night, and hide anything that doesn’t need to be seen by prying eyes. 

Each of these black, all to blend in with the wall, all to go away visually. Of course, if this is not a temporary residence, as well it could be - he is a jetsetter after all - I would recommend a custom built-in here, in black of course, with storage needs appropriately addressed.

Spotlight Ebony Credenza
Crate And Barrel

Behind the desk, two of these.

Because he has lots of private papers to store away. 

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Antiqued Metal Drum Pendant
Restoration Hardware

This is the perfect light fixture for the middle of the room. A little polished, a little dark, but with a bright, shiny interior you’ve just got to love. (Just like him. :-)

Circa 1890 Stockholm Map
Restoration Hardware

This is art - to a man. Sigh But that's okay - it’s HIS home office! I like the warm sepia tones in this map. It will relate to the sumptuous leather desk chair and really jump off those dark walls - the ones above the credenzas, behind his head. 

Artisan Table Lamp
Lighting Universe

Two of these lamps on either side of the piece of art. Because the black shade blends into the wall and the cones of light will be absolutely magical! 

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Warner 2-Door Cabinet
Crate and Barrel

And this is where the gin will be kept. The lighter wood just jumps off those Tricorn Black walls.

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Linen Weave Drapery
Restoration Hardware

Then, because I can’t leave a window with just blinds: some black linen draperies. 

They soften the look of the room and add even more drama, with some black iron hardware. Gutsy and strong, just like him. 

Dakota End Caps
Restoration Hardware
2" Wood Blind
The Shade Store

For more wood to contrast with the walls at the windows: wood blinds. Because what man doesn’t love some wood?

I’ve added black tape trim to relate to the walls. See how the “color” of the wood is just dancing around the room? It’s all about creating balance.


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Framed Drawings
Restoration Hardware

These two framed pieces above the leather chair in the corner -- stacked vertically, not side-by-side -- will look great. 

A leather lounge chair from West Elm in honey leather, because that warm, caramel color is repeated around the room. 

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The Martini side table, in polished chrome. from West Elm. That finish speaks to the desk lamp as it gleams off the black walls. 

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World Globe
Z Gallerie

And we’ve got to give him the world, right? A black world globe from ZGallerie. 

As for the everything else... The rest is up to him.

Books, photos in wood frames, some golf and sailing trophies, etc. I’m sure he'll figure out a way to fill out the rest of the room.

ZigZag Stripe Rug
Seattle Luxe

Let’s get a little pattern in here. A zigzag on the floor to brighten things up and give it a bit of a modern flair and style. After all, we did say he was stylish.

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And that's it! We’ve given him a design plan, an outline, a shopping list - everything he needs to design his dream office. 

So what do you think? Doesn’t this truly define The Tailored Man!


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