DESIGNED in a Click! - One 30 Minute Q&A Interior Design Consultation

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DESIGNED in a Click! - One 30 Minute Q&A Interior Design Consultation


TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE | One 30 min. virtual interior design consultation w/ Carla Aston, all done via email.   

Please note that these sessions make great content for my blog, so unless you specifically ask for your Q&A not to be shared, I retain the right to use the images and responses, anonymously, of course. If you do want your session to be private, then please contact me at as there is a different rate and payment for a consultation where nothing is allowed to be shared.

Scroll down for more info! (BTW, the Designed In A Click name is now trademarked.)

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DESIGNED in a Click!

"I am super happy with your consultation with me. Hope you will consider a few additional rooms in my house once I wrap up the kitchen."
- Happy Client


Let me help! DESIGNED in a Click! is a quick design consultation that's done remotely, via e-mail only (no phone calls or skype), to answer a specific question or address a specific problem you're having with your interior. 

In order for me to provide the best advice possible, you will need to send me pictures of your area of concern, with some shot from a distance, and others close-up.

Now, while I can't design your entire room in 30 minutes, I'll definitely be able to give you the direction you need, regarding the issue you're having.

Here are some posts that are great examples of these type consultations.

This one has to do with what to do with your blank walls.

This post is about furniture arrangements.

This one involves a question about updating a kitchen.

This one involved advice to 3 different readers on decorating above their cabinets.

This one was also about decorating above the cabinets but ended up being about wall decor. 

Here's another one that has to do with paint colors.

I can't wait to see what you've got going on and how I can help you! 

*Oh, and P.S. Book your DESIGNED in a Click! consultation fast, because I only schedule three sessions per week! 

Need more information? Ask here: *
Need more information? Ask here:

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