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Phoebe's She Cave

What teenage girl doesn’t want their own space away from the rest of the family to hang out with friends, spend time on their laptop, talk on the phone, and sleep?  

That’s what “Phoebe” desperately wanted, the imaginary client I had in mind when I designed my Showhouse space for the ASID Showhouse in Sienna Plantation.  

Meet Phoebe...

Phoebe is a recent grad of the local high school, attending college now and just coming home for holidays and summer. She is a free spirit, loves music, theater, photography......definitely artistic.

She's smart and knows her own mind. She and her mother butt heads from time to time, both are headstrong and like to get their own way. You know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

She's very opinionated about her style which is eclectic and bohemian...she likes what she likes and is a bit unpredictable when it comes to clothing, hair, make-up, and her room!

She mixes it up and likes adventurous combinations, but still enjoys being feminine.  Feminine and strong (-willed. ;-)


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The Floor Plan

The floor plan shows the queen bed pushed up in the near corner of the room so that Phoebe can have a nice lounge area to spend some private time with her home friends away from the family.

Her bed is so puffy and inviting that she can lounge there with her laptop amongst all her colorful pillows while glancing out the French doors to the beautiful view beyond.

She has a balcony (escape route?) and the best view in the house.....nothing but the best for our Phoebe!


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She-Cave Style

Designing this “she-cave”, I purposely gave it a different look from the Texas hill country style in the rest of the house. I wanted Phoebe to go a bit rogue. (Like me!)

Where the house had warm, golden tones and rustic elements, Phoebe’s room went white, crisp and clean with shots of bright color to add some personality. I also mixed old and new furnishings in the bedroom, creating an eclectic, vintage modern look.


Grandmother's Gift

Phoebe’s spirit is evident here with “Grandmother's” old chair frame, upholstered in a new bright print fabric with legs painted in her favorite turquoise.  

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She’s such a modern girl. She would love the reuse of this frame. I love the way the stripes sort of exaggerate the wings. It's a bit whimsical, don't you think?


Dressing Sassy

My grandmother’s dresser, found in my mother’s garage, was painted a bright color, SW Sassy Green, and some lucite knobs replaced the ceramic ones. The vintage lamp found in an antique store was painted, rewired, and given a nice new linen drum shade.

The bulletin board was custom made and my ghost chair goes just about anywhere.  


A Nightstand Makeover

Also found in an antique shop, the nightstand benefitted from a paint job too. That red!!!

Ditching The Doilies

A consignment store find (see below). Doesn't this scream "grandmother" to you? Doilies? Really?

It had such curvy, graceful legs though and a simple design. I thought it would make a great base for the jewelry tree. Phoebe could store bowls of her jewelry around the base. It was refinished in a darker stain.  Doesn't it look totally different in a more modern space?


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A Place For Her Jewelry

One of my favorite pieces was the jewelry tree I decorated with baubles and beads from Forever 21.  It’s sort of an ever changing art project.  

I love the way it was reflected in the full length mirror, placed where Phoebe could reach all her jewelry for trying on at the mirror.

I can't lie... I'm pretty proud of this one. It's just too cool.


Consignment Store Finds

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Vintage fashion ads in Target frames and a chrome eyeball lamp found on e-bay all fit in with the mix of this room. 

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Ahh...THE BED!

The most unique feature though, the bed, was the quiet star.  Made to be used as a queen daybed, the long upholstered side could be taken off and hung on the wall for a king headboard.  People would walk into the room, drawn to the balcony and the whiteness of the space then turn back to view the room and eye the bed.  It was almost always a surprise.


Softness & Romance

Soft, feminine sheers at the windows trimmed out in braiding have a romantic effect.

The round fluffy flokati rug is perfect for Phoebe’s room, contrasting with the rough texture of the sisal carpet.  

I posted more about flokati rugs HERE.

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Her Beautiful Bathroom

I went a bit more on the feminine side in her bathroom - after all "Mom" had something to say about this and still envisions her sweet little Phoebe washing her face in the bathroom at night, ready to be tucked into bed.

The wallpaper was the first choice to be made here. I wanted something bold that Phoebe would have fallen in love with and had to have in her bathroom. Beautiful, feminine, and graphic...bright apple green background with silver and white in an enlarged pattern, just perfect. All other finishes and fixtures are nice, but play a supporting role in this space. It's all about the wallpaper.

Modern hardware and plumbing fixtures keep the edge going in this room, but what girl doesn’t like a little crystal?


City Girl Comes Home

Texas Hill Country?  Not a chance in this girl’s room.  

With her eyes on a career and life in the Big Apple, she’s soon to fly the coop!  

Mom knows this is coming soon.....why not give her a place to come home to, a place to feel like herself, a place to keep her just a little bit longer......just for awhile anyway!

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"Here's a daybed configuration we haven't seen before - two headboards used to make this queen size bed in a teen room a comfortable daybed for lounging and hanging out with friends." }

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