Today, On DESIGNED daily | Gorgeous Wooden Bathtubs, Arranging Furniture At An Angle, A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile & Much More!

A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile (HILARIOUS! ;-)

A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile (HILARIOUS! ;-)

Gorgeous Grain | Wooden Bathtubs That Really Go With The Flow

Gorgeous Grain | Wooden Bathtubs That Really Go With The Flow

How To Arrange Furniture At An Angle

How To Arrange Furniture At An Angle

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Do You Ever Go Shopping Just To Be Inspired? I Did. Here's What I Found.

Most of the projects we have right now are remodels, so I'm not really on the hunt for any particular furnishings items these days. 

However, I do love to be inspired.

Pullouts Or Drawers In Kitchen Cabinets - Which Is Best?

Drawers vs. doors in kitchen cabinets: which do you prefer? We often take several factors into consideration when deciding which to use.

My Fab New Digital Design Giveaway And The Fab People That Made It Happen

Maybe you’ve seen some of my digital products over there on my sidebar and in my outlet shop? Well, they are more than a little….homemade.

Sneak Peek At A Master Suite Project In Red, White And Blue

I'm sharing a sneak peek of another project just finishing up, this one with some bold red, white, and blue color, just in time for July 4th!

Snakes Alive! The Serpent Is The Hot Design Trend

Maybe you've noticed high fashion going crazy with all things snakes? Will it hit the interior design world too?

Sneak Peek At A Kitchen Remodel Project And My Virtual Garage Sale

I have a peek at a really cool kitchen remodel project that is almost ready for a photo shoot.

The Best Tackboard Material Evah!

Ever had a cork tackboard that is so thin that your tacks just fall out of it?

Or a tackboard that only comes in sizes so tiny that one piece of paper practically covers the whole thing?

Or, maybe, you have the perfect place to hang a tackboard and the ones you can find to buy won’t fit into that space?

Well, I’ve got some great info for you today on how to achieve the best tackable surface for your home. Click through to find out more.

House of Cards: The Perfectly Placed Lamp

I’ve been obsessed with the sets on House of Cards since that Netflix series began.

Want To Hire An Interior Designer? Here's How We Manage Our Intake Of Clients.

Every designer has a client intake system of some kind. Here's how we manage that process. Oh, and I'm having a sale on my one-time consultations!

Is Subway Tile Still In Style?

This question keeps coming up in conversations around the internet with design loving peeps and those getting ready to select tile for projects today. What do you think?