Today, On DESIGNED daily | Gorgeous Wooden Bathtubs, Arranging Furniture At An Angle, A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile & Much More!

A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile (HILARIOUS! ;-)

A Divorced Man's Pinterest Profile (HILARIOUS! ;-)

Gorgeous Grain | Wooden Bathtubs That Really Go With The Flow

Gorgeous Grain | Wooden Bathtubs That Really Go With The Flow

How To Arrange Furniture At An Angle

How To Arrange Furniture At An Angle

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Coolest Bunk Room Ever And More At The Southern Living Showcase Home - Part II

Oh yes, I know you love it. You and your kids will LOVE the upstairs part of this beautiful showcase home. I'm sharing some more sneak peeks here with you today......the guest house too!

DESIGNED IN A CLICK Q and A - Interior Design Consultation Example

I received some great before and after pics from someone I helped with my Designed in a Click service, and I'm so excited to share them with you today!

Click through to see the long way this kitchen came with just a bit of professional guidance.

Southern Living Showcase Home Tour - I've got some sneak peeks!

I was invited out to the Southern Living Showcase Home Tour in Montgomery, TX last week, as they are getting ready to open their doors for the next 6 weekends this fall. You will not want to miss seeing it, but I'm sharing some sneak peeks here on my blog today to whet your appetite for a little design goodness of what's in store.

Click through for some beautiful design and for all the details of how to attend.

BEFORE AND AFTER: A Master Bedroom Gets A Sophisticated, Colorful Makeover

This master bedroom design all started with one simple piece of inspiration. My client had some yards of Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon fabric in her favorite colorway, saved for several years. It turned out to be the perfect springboard for our design.

BEFORE AND AFTER: A Boutique Hotel Inspired Master Bath Remodel

I'm sharing a pretty amazing master bath before and after today. It turned out beautifully, with lots of pretty custom details, some luxurious finishes, and a little hit of color.

Click through to see all the glorious images!

Tips for Dealing With Water Damaged Flooring

As many Houstonians are getting back into their homes that have had water damage (tragically, some won't be able to go back for weeks due to the flooding from area reservoirs and bayous), I wanted to share some tips today from some local flooring professionals that might help in dealing with water damaged floors.

Texas Feels Your Love

I know you've all been watching the news and seen all the devastation in Houston and southern Texas. I have to say, it is just unbelievable that this could be so widespread and such a monster storm that affected so many. 

Netflix' Ozark Series - The Lake House Redesigned

I’m really obsessed with this house and property after watching the Netflix series, Ozark. I’ve got a few pics I found on the internet and then I’m sharing what I would love to do to in this house, if I owned it.

The Mentor / Mentee Relationship in Interior Design Business

I’ve been hearing so much about mentoring younger professionals these days in all kinds of business talk. We all can find benefits from these relationships, however, I think these days, that we tend to look at them from a rather one-sided standpoint. I’d like to offer up a few thoughts on the subject from the mentor’s point of view today and see if perhaps there are a few other pros out there who might agree.

"Everything is beige, beige, beige. Ugh!" - A Reader's Q and A

I recently had a Designed in a Click consultation with a reader who was overcome with the beige travertine in her newly purchased house and didn’t know how to minimize its impact to get the look she loved. She was about to embark on a considerable remodel and needed some direction.

I’m sharing my response to her today to help others out there who have similar problems. That beige and gray marriage thing can be tough. What will really make an impact here for her though, in my opinion, was combining it….. in a certain, particular place.