Today, On DESIGNED daily | 33 Things You Can Turn Into A Chalkboard, UGLY Home Decor, Chalkboard Art & Much More!

33 Things You Can Turn Into A Chalkboard

33 Things You Can Turn Into A Chalkboard

Homes With Clutter, Ugly Décor, and Bad Taste | An ENDLESS Supply Of Images

Homes With Clutter, Ugly Décor, and Bad Taste | An ENDLESS Supply Of Images

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Is Your Backyard Ready For Summer Entertaining? These Fire Pits Are Sure-Fire Winners!

Have you added a fire pit to your backyard yet? You can grab one of these just in time for some Memorial Day weekend fun!

Desk In The Kitchen: Is It A Feature Of The Past?

You know those little desks they built into kitchens about 10-30 years ago?

We all thought they were so cute, imagining ourselves sitting there making our grocery lists and organizing our recipes.

But did we?

The Scoop On Natural Stone Countertops For Your Kitchen

Click through to find out exactly what type of stone might work best for your kitchen countertops.

MUST SEE: The Crawford Hotel, Denver's thoughtfully designed hotel within its historic Union Station

I was in Denver last weekend and stayed at the most wonderful hotel in a historic property, The Crawford Hotel, located downtown in Union Station.

It reminded me of my stay at Hotel Emma in San Antonio. I love staying at hotels that are thoughtfully designed, have a sense of place and a story behind them.

Click through to see some of the beautiful details and a really grand, luxurious space that has been cleverly adapted with a nod to the past…..

A Fabulous Master Bedroom Takes The Long Road To Arrive

This is an interesting little project for me, because one of my clients moved from their “totally done” home out in the suburbs, to Houston, to be closer to work. :-(

Click through to find out how we modified things a wee bit to adapt her furnishings to the new space.

Designed Q and A: Should your floor tile be repeated on the kitchen backpslash?

That was more or less the question I received recently about this kitchen.

This homeowner had some of the cool patterned tile that had been used on the floor, left over, and wanted to know if she should use some of it on the backsplash since the wall behind the cooktop was so plain.

The Lookbook - A Tool For Discerning Interior Designer / Client Compatibility

I have had clients where style and the ultimate goal or look of the project weren't quite defined before we signed the contract. 

Or maybe we all thought we understood the ultimate goal, but really, we weren't quite on the same page about what the client wanted for an end result.

Click through to see how we are coping with this on some of our larger scaled project proposals.

Got some extra CASH to spend on your home from your tax refund?

First of all, let me just say that I’m hardly an expert at managing finances. :-)

However, when Amanda Gates, Linda Holt and I talked recently in this teleconference about some ways to invest in your home with a lump sum of money that might befall one with a tax refund, I couldn’t help but dream up a few ideas of my own.

Click through to check out some suggestions from 3 interior designers from different parts of the country, who advise and work with clients and home improvements on a daily basis.

DESIGNED Q and A - More Kitchen Backsplash Drama! x 2

These kitchen backsplash dilemmas are just getting too good not to share. I do not make these up…..I swear!

I received these two uploads this week on one of my old blogposts about kitchen backsplashes. I couldn’t help but plunge in and answer, mainly because I love resharing these problems so others can benefit from the information.

Just when I think I’ve seen it all…..there’s another tiny deviation of where to end a kitchen backsplash or how to detail it.

Designed Q and A: How would you "fix" this living room?

That was more or less the question I was asked recently by someone who had just read one of my posts about decorating above the cabinets.

I couldn’t help but dig in. :-)