Today, On DESIGNED daily | Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Movie Theater, 15 Cool Alcove Beds, 9 Glorious Tubs & Much More!

An Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Public Cinema Center

An Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Public Cinema Center

Draw Yourself A Bath And Stay A While | 9 Glorious Tubs

Draw Yourself A Bath And Stay A While | 9 Glorious Tubs

15 Cool Alcove Beds

15 Cool Alcove Beds

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3 Cabinet Remodeling Details That Really Transform Your Standard Cabinetry

Today, I'm sharing 3 details that can really make huge difference in your cabinetry when remodeling.

I'll Never Specify Spotty Granite Again

I'm cleaning out my studio, getting rid of old samples and stuff I don't use anymore. We are so full of samples right now, we need room to breathe.

What To Do With A Rug That Won't Fit

Nothing can look skimpier and cheaper than installing a rug that is too small for a space. I have some solutions for that in this post.

Take Your Kitchen Cabinets To The Ceiling

I'm working on a kitchen remodel right now that is going to be such a great improvement for this homeowner. Come and take a peek.

2 Rooms With Furniture Arrangement Dilemmas - Interior Design Advice

I'm sharing two projects today from my Designed-in-a-Click Archives, both having to do with furniture arrangements.

Display Your Home's Collections Beautifully With These Great Finds

Do you have some collections that you need to corral?

How To Pick Perfect Decorative Throw Pillows For Your Sofa, Bed Or Chair

Trust me, there's an art to it.

A Simple, Rustic Fall Tabletop For Easy Entertaining

I recently checked out our local At Home store in The Woodlands to find some new items to fill out my centerpiece for fall.

Think Again Before You DIY Your Window Treatments! Here's Why...

You can get away with going retail on beautiful pillows if you buy the right size and fill; however, finding that perfect fabric and fabric combination for the room is like finding a needle in a haystack

Pre-Remodel Homework: For Best Pricing And End Results You Have To Do It

Today I’m going to share the three main todos homeowners who are considering remodeling should get done before they begin a project.