Today, On DESIGNED daily | Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Movie Theater, 15 Cool Alcove Beds, 9 Glorious Tubs & Much More!

An Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Public Cinema Center

An Old Slaughterhouse Becomes A Public Cinema Center

Draw Yourself A Bath And Stay A While | 9 Glorious Tubs

Draw Yourself A Bath And Stay A While | 9 Glorious Tubs

15 Cool Alcove Beds

15 Cool Alcove Beds

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Want to add value and style to your home's interior design? Metrie has an answer for that!

There IS a way to fill up vast amounts of wall space, add character to a room, and even dress up a big, blank ceiling. Want to find out how? Click through for more of what I'm sharing with you today.

I Was Blown Away By These Finds From Grohe, American Standard, DXV At KBIS2018!

Ever have a problem adjusting the shower head in your bathroom when you are all soaped up and wet? Maybe it is hard to reach, gets stuck, or isn't designed to be easily adjusted? I've got just the products for you, plus a lot more!

Wallpapered Refrigerators - Would you do one in your kitchen?

I just had a reader ask me about her black refrigerator and range and what she could do about them. Maybe wallpaper might be an option???

Considering a remodeling project this year? Here's the one question you should ask yourself first.

It's January and that means it is PROJECT TIME! I've already had several new inquiries for projects in 2018. This is always a good time of year to consider remodeling or scheduling some of the home updates you've been putting off.

Want to know one of the first questions I ask my new potential clients who are considering a remodel? The answer affects all aspects of your project.

Reader Advice For A Master Bath And Closet Remodel

This Designed in a Click consultation I did recently is one I thought you all might enjoy. Once you see the solution, it looks obvious. If you are in the thick of a remodel yourself and didn't get all the details worked out before you started, sometimes it is hard to back away and see the best solution.

That's when a second pair of eyes, professional eyes if possible, might come in handy.

Interior Design Trends For 2018 - What's Hot, What's Not

I saw an article about interior design trends shared on Facebook a few weeks ago and boy, were there some hot comments left on the Facebook post!

Apparently, people DON'T like hearing that their stuff is out of style. (Obviously.)

California Project And Some Christmas Cheer For You!

I've been blogging here on this site since 2012 and never missed an entire week like I did last week. I still can't believe it myself.

I'm sure you were busy with the holidays, but I really wanted to wish all of you, my readers, a happy holiday season! I also wanted to give you a quick peek at one of my next projects as well as a few more pics of a recent installation.

4 Interior Design Trends That I Won't Be Brushing Aside Next Year

It's nearing the end of the year and guess what that means?

Time to talk trends. What's in, what's out, etc. Everyone has an opinion. 

There are some trends that are undoubtedly going to fade eventually, but I'm sharing four popular ones today that I'm not going to discard next year. Click through to see what I feel will be around a lot longer.

Crypton Fabrics Rule! Crypton fabric is fast becoming our go-to choice for upholstery fabrics.

Clients these days are looking for fabrics for interiors that stand up to kids, dogs, and all kinds of every day living. People want stain resistance, durability, and they want their upholstery fabrics to feel and look good! Take a look at some of the great looks we've created for clients and then see where you can find Crypton upholstery for your home by clicking through.

BEFORE AND AFTER - An Ordinary Kitchen Gets A Modern Remodel

Although this kitchen was previously white, it now has a fresher, more modern look because of so many details and tactics that we employed here.

We also did a little rearranging and made the space more useful by doing a few updates that I'm doing in many of my kitchen remodels these days.   Take a look...