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Changing A Window In A Remodel Can Make A Huge Impact - Reader Q and A

In this reader Q&A, we talked about the kitchen window, the upper cabinets, and how the remodel of this space should look intentional. See if you agree with what I advised......

Before and After - A Partial Kitchen Remodel Done w/a Consultation

I'm excited to share some end result kitchen remodel pics here with you today of a local design consultation I did back last fall. 

Tweaking A House With A Partial Remodel To Make It Juuuuuuuuust Right

There wasn't much wrong with this beautiful property, except for a few less-than-desirable features that needed some tweaking and a little customization.

SHOWHOME TOUR - The New American Remodel

You are not going to believe the original structure of this home is 80 years old! This looks like a fabulous new build. 

7 Considerations For Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Selection

There are soooo many choices these days for pendant lighting over kitchen islands. It's difficult to know how to choose which one would work best in your kitchen. Want some guidelines and suggestions for how to choose? I've got some right here.......