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Mid-Century Style Project Update With Rug Options Easy On The Budget

Check out this project I've got under construction now that incorporates some mid-century style. We're choosing rugs and I've got some budget-minded options.

I think I said the word "so" about a hundred times on LuAnn Nigara's, A Well Designed Business, podcast.

"So" and "Anyway...." (Eyeroll.)

So, ahem......I did have fun though. And at least it wasn't "like". Right???

I've got more about blogging and design biz stuff after the click......

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT - This Florida Interior Designer Shares A Great Tip For Starting A Design Project

I'm featuring one of my interior designer colleagues here today who designs lots of kitchens and baths, most recently a brilliant garden inspired kitchen in collaboration with Kohler, Cosentino, and Benjamin Moore.  

Cheryl Nagle Kees Clendenon, a Florida based designer, shares some of the most requested items she comes across these days in designing kitchens and baths, how she starts a project, and much more! Click through to get the scoop......

This is dumbest home decor item ever.

Are YOU thinking this too? What are these small sheepskins doing in every millennial's Bohemian, feminine interior photo you see? And what does a small "bathmat" tossed around a room, really do for a space, aesthetically?

Terracotta Tile Floors - Do Not Rip These Out!

I recently had a Designed in a Click consultation with a homeowner who had terracotta or Saltillo tile floors in her kitchen and wanted to do a remodel. Since her floors had been down for almost 30 years, she couldn't find the tile again to use to patch in the floor if she changed the footprint or layout of her kitchen.

Click through to see how I advised her and see if you agree.