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Is Your Backyard Ready For Summer Entertaining? These Fire Pits Are Sure-Fire Winners!

Have you added a fire pit to your backyard yet? You can grab one of these just in time for some Memorial Day weekend fun!

Desk In The Kitchen: Is It A Feature Of The Past?

You know those little desks they built into kitchens about 10-30 years ago?

We all thought they were so cute, imagining ourselves sitting there making our grocery lists and organizing our recipes.

But did we?

The Scoop On Natural Stone Countertops For Your Kitchen

Click through to find out exactly what type of stone might work best for your kitchen countertops.

MUST SEE: The Crawford Hotel, Denver's thoughtfully designed hotel within its historic Union Station

I was in Denver last weekend and stayed at the most wonderful hotel in a historic property, The Crawford Hotel, located downtown in Union Station.

It reminded me of my stay at Hotel Emma in San Antonio. I love staying at hotels that are thoughtfully designed, have a sense of place and a story behind them.

Click through to see some of the beautiful details and a really grand, luxurious space that has been cleverly adapted with a nod to the past…..

A Fabulous Master Bedroom Takes The Long Road To Arrive

This is an interesting little project for me, because one of my clients moved from their “totally done” home out in the suburbs, to Houston, to be closer to work. :-(

Click through to find out how we modified things a wee bit to adapt her furnishings to the new space.