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A Bathroom Up In The Treetops! Dwell On Design's Fabulous Home Tours - Part 1

I am back from Dwell on Design in California, where I did home tours galore that I'm excited to share with all of you! Click through to see this contemporary beauty that has a spectacular back outdoor space, some warm wood features, interesting clean lined details, and creative windows that incorporate an amazing amount of light into this fabulous home.

Creating A Cool California Vibe In A Remodel For Some Empty Nesters

I’ve got a remodel I’m working on in California now and I’m sharing a few sneak peeks of the plans that we are cooking up. This pic is our before kitchen. A little dated, no?

Make Wall Decor Out Of Anything With Artful Framing

Do you have an outstanding oddball collection of stuff that would be an awesome conversation piece when appropriately displayed?

Moss is ON TREND - See a few of my finds from Round Top!

Want to see why YOU should be headed to Round Top and what are some of the hot new trends in design?

The 12 Inch Deep Upper Bathroom Cabinet - Include One In Your Next Remodel

Would you like one of these in your bathroom? They certainly make storage handy.